Menu Planning Monday 2/16-2/22

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

Menu Planning Monday 2/16-2/22

Our Menu planning for this week is going to easy!  We’re going on Vacation! The boys are on Winter Break this week so we decided to pack up the whole family and head out on a road trip. Destination: Warm Orlando Florida! You can find details about our trip over at A Worthey Read!

Menu planning and paring your menu with sales can save you at least 50% without using a single coupon! I also use my meal planner that helps me stay organized!

So for this week:

Sunday: Baked Chicken with roasted peppers, rice, salad

Monday: Breakfast food- (always a big hit)

Tuesday- Saturday- Vacation 🙂 However, we do not plan to eat every single meal. We are staying in an awesome Vacation House via All Star Vacation Homes and we plan to take food and cook a few meals there. (basic stuff, hamburgers to grill, pasta, salad, etc)

You can see previous Meal Planning Monday ideas here!

So what’s on your menu for this week? If you need some inspiration be sure to check out the Recipe section of the blog for new ideas!

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