Meijer No Longer Allows Price Matching & Coupon Policy Update


meijer coupon policy


We have an update to  Meijer’s Coupon Policy and Price Matching Policy.

Effective immediately, Meijer will no longer price match General Merchandise (updated on 11/1/2013)

This is what is written on their website:

Meijer strives to provide low prices every day across the store. In order to maintain our prices, Meijer does not match ads from competitors.

Their coupon policy was updated on 11/1/2013 and I LOVE the new update! They have made it EASIER to understand their competitor coupon policy:

As you know you are allowed to use competitor coupons at Meijer. But some stores gave consumers quite a few issues with this. However, it has been cleared up in the latest Meijer update to their coupon policy!

Accepted coupon types include: Meijer, manufacturer, Catalina (Meijer and manufacturer), mPerks, and competitor coupons within certain guidelines:

Coupons must be presented on or before the expiration date.
• All coupon terms and conditions must be met and validated by the checkout register.
• Customers may use one manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item.
Customers may also combine one manufacturer coupon per item with applicable Meijer coupon(s) where allowed
under coupon redemption terms.
• In the event one manufacturer digital coupon is attempted together with one manufacturer paper coupon toward the
purchase of the same item, the checkout register will prompt you to choose which to apply. The coupon not applied
will be returned to you.
• Digital coupon acceptance is limited to mPerks only. Digital coupons from smartphone apps will not be accepted.
• Transactions cannot be broken up to avoid coupon stacking restrictions.
• Separate checklanes will not be opened or designated for customers with large coupon orders.
• Manufacturer coupons and Catalina manufacturer coupons require the customer to pay sales tax on the full retail amount.
• Meijer, Catalina Meijer, and competitor coupons require the customer to pay sales tax only on the discounted item price.
Meijer will accept competitor coupons from Food Retailers or Mass Merchandise Retailers.
• Meijer defines Mass Merchandise Retailers as a retail store offering both food and general merchandise/apparel under one
roof. Coupons from Club Stores and Dollar Stores will not be accepted. (so Dollar Tree, Sam’s Club, Family Dollar, etc)
  • Meijer does not accept competitor coupons for beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, double or triple coupons, clearance, percent
     off, total transaction discounts, special promotions, gift card promotions, limited quantity items, mail-in rebate offers, and
     going out of business sales.
• If the value of a coupon is more than the price of the item after discounts or other coupons have been applied, the value of
the coupon will be applied up to the reduced price of the item.
• Meijer does not apply the excess value of a coupon to the order total if the value of the coupon is over the price of the item
after other discounts or coupons are applied.
• Meijer reserves the right to limit coupon quantities and to determine the order of application of multiple coupons and/or

Coupons are not accepted for purchases, including Order to Store.

So what do you think of the updates? I know it’s a bummer about the price matching going away, but I do like that their clarified their competitor coupon policy!

Let me know your thoughts below!

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  1. leanore
    November 19, 2013

    I was told I could not use target web coupons at the Meijer store I visited
    Do you know the policy on that part I was very frustrated
    thank you

    • November 20, 2013

      Hey Leanore– this seems to still be an issue in the stores- but yes according to the latest update from Meijer they will accept comp coupons. There is a link in this post to the policy that you can print out and take with you.

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