5 Reasons to Love the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

5 Reasons to Love the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you will know that I like to talk car talk every once in a while. I believe in giving each and every one of you my honest and valued opinion. Recently I was able to review the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. Can I just say that this car was delicious in every way shape and form?

I loved it so much, that I put together 5 reasons to love the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014.

5 Reasons to Love the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

My first thought on this vehicle was the interior (#1). When I first opened the door to get into the Hyundai Santa Fe I was in love. The high quality interior is something that I absolutely fell in love with time and time again. Here are some of the interior features that are must sees:

Hyundai Sante Fe3

• Seats five (plenty of room for my big boys)!

• Casually styled

• Standard blue tooth

• Six speaker radio

• There is a 2/3 row option with the Hyundai Santa Fe, which is a genius option.

• Cargo Space

• Blind spot monitoring

• Backup Camera

• 4.3 inch touch screen display

• Soft touch materials

Yeah, I could go on and on about the inside of the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai Sante Fe trunk 1

Heading out on our road trip to Kalahari Waterpark and Resort  we had plenty of room in the trunk for all of our stuff. A nice deep trunk is what you need when you’re traveling with several growing people. I just need to stop right here.

Hyundai Sante Fe trunk

Seriously– this trunk is amazing! It’s so amazing that I kept talking and tweeting about it the entire week! (#2) I would buy this car for the trunk space and gas mileage alone! I love to be organized and the makers of Hyundai USA got it right!!

Since I can be notorious for being late I was thrilled about the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. When I needed power I had it, not that I sped or anything, it was just nice to have the power to GO when I needed it.

One of my other favorite parts of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 was the sleek style (#3). The beautifully engineered exterior also made this vehicle fun to drive. I definitely turned a few heads on the road (in a good way).

Hyundai Sante Fe 1

Let’s talk about comfort level for a moment. I LOVED the way the inside looked but I also loved the way it felt. The interior of the Santa Fe was very soft to the touch, which meant it’s perfect for long car drives. I can honestly say I didn’t feel cramped up after a long drive like I have with some of my personal vehicles.

The climate control options are awesome in the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. I loved being able to adjust the temps in the vehicle to my liking and still make sure everyone else was comfortable.

Hyundai Sante Fe bluetooth

The technology side of the vehicle is something I loved because being able to navigate right from the vehicle is an incredible option (#4). As a person that tries to be a safe driver, I love that I can control my phone, the music, cruise and the bells and whistles right on the steering wheel. That way my hands and eyes can stay on the road. I think that this a very important safety feature that we are seeing with all of the newer models, and a GREAT way to upgrade to a newer car. The boys distract me enough in the car, I don’t want a phone call or adjusting the volume of my music to get in the way of being a safe driver.

steering wheel of sante fe

The audio side of things in the Santa Fe is something I wish I had in my vehicle right now. The optional 12-speaker Infinity stereo system  is something that every vehicle in America should have. And since I’ve been on a Meghan Trainor for a while, why not try out “the bass.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.21.51 PM audio system of the sante fe 2014

The final reason why I love and everyone will love the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 is the gas mileage. I raved about going to Ohio for our road trip to Kalahari and back to Michigan on one tank of gas.

gas mileage on the santa fe 2014

Overall, I could probably think of a few more reasons to love this car. For me and the boys it fit perfectly for our Road trip to Kalahari. 

We enjoyed talking useless selfies in the Santa Fe and Zayd’n enjoyed being my co-Pilot and being the one in control of our music choices (thanks goodness for Sirius XM) and climate control. The twins have long legs and there was not one complaint of— “I don’t have enough room”. We are looking to upgrade our current vehicle next year, and I will honestly say that the Santa Fe is on my list. According to the US News Best Cars website, the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 is considered to be the #1 one in affordable mid-size SUVs (prices starting out at $24,000)!  If you would like to get more specs and prices on the Santa Fe, I highly recommend you stopping by your local dealership or heading over to Hyundai USA’s website for more information!

Until next time!

Hyundai Sante Fe road trip

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  1. September 30, 2014

    I didn’t realize how nice backup cameras are until I started dropping off and picking up my kids from school which is a free for all of children running in every direction

    • October 1, 2014

      Yes, I agree Tim. The backup camera is a necessity in cars and a great safety feature!

  2. September 30, 2014

    Great review! I love how you used the word delicious! 🙂

  3. September 30, 2014

    If only they made one that seats 7! I think any family with twins needs all that extra storage. We have stow’n’go in our van but I’d love to have that underneath panel in the back! And all the tech controls up front?! A girl can dream…

    • October 1, 2014

      I know, right? They do make one w/ a third row seat. The model I had did not feature that one, but that is an option and that would be the one I would consider purchasing.

  4. September 30, 2014

    That trunk IS awesome!

  5. Looks great.. with two in car seats (and one I watch part time) I think I would need a bigger version. But I love that trunk… that is awesome. also love the technology integration.
    We also love our back up camera… very useful in a neighborhood full of kids.

  6. How totally awesome! Looks like a great car.

  7. What is your average MPG? I will be in the market for a larger vehicle (not super soon but in a few years) but I really don’t want to give up my 36mpg avg.

    Also, how many gallons does it take? That’s another factor too haha.

    PLUS, look at ALL that storage space! Amazing.

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