How to Save on Hotels

Tips on how to save money on your hotel room

how to save on hotel


How to Save on Hotels

If you are traveling this summer, it often seems as though finding a great hotel is just as important as your destination! Even if you are one of those people that says, “I just want a clean place to sleep,” the truth is we all more than that. We want that clean place to come with a reasonable price, friendly service, free perks, and even a complimentary hot breakfast if possible! If you are on the hotel hunt for your summer travels, take a look below at five tips for saving money on a hotel.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you don’t need to resort to a less than a stellar hotel. You can still enjoy quality, cleanliness, and a cozy room on a dime. Here is how!

Five Tips for Saving Money on a Hotel:

1. Book at sites that offer a low price guarantee.
Many online booking sites are now offering the lowest price guarantees. This means if you book a room, and another customer books the same deal for a lesser price, you get a refund of the difference. Everyone loves cash back! So before you book, check online booking services such as Orbitz , Priceline, and even Hotwire. The nice thing about these sites too is you can price match and search for free without commitment to book.

2. Pay using reward programs.
When you book your hotel, use programs that earn you cashback and perks on your purchase. You can book online sites such as through Swagbucks and earn gift cards on your stay. See if your credit card offers hotel rewards, or if any of the money-saving phone apps you have may earn you perks on your stay.

3. Book weekdays and save.
Whether it is a two-start hotel or five, you are going to pay less if you book weeknights as opposed to weekends. If at all possible, plan your trip so that you are booking for a few weekend days as possible. You can easily save as much as 50% by booking weekdays instead of weekends. If you have no choice but to book several weekend days, ask if you can enjoy one night at a weekday price.

4. Sign up for free newsletters.
Many hotels have free online newsletters and you will want to be sure you are on these. Newsletter members are often the first to know about specials and sales that are available. These specials may not be advertised elsewhere. If you have a favorite hotel chain, or just think you might use that hotel in the future, be sure you enroll in their online mailing lists.

5. Use what discounts you are entitled to.

Many hotels offer as much as 20% off if you fall into a particular discount category. If you are an active or retired service member, an AARP member, a senior citizen, or even in public service such as a hospital worker or police officer, be sure to find out if you qualify for any discounts or free upgrades. Many hotels will have this information on their websites. If you don’t see it, just call and ask.

The next time you need to book a hotel, try one or all of these tips and save yourself as much as 50% off the regular room price. There are always deals to be found, it just takes doing your homework and even calling the hotel directly to see what deals you can manage for yourself and your family.

If you plan to travel soon, here are some of my top places to search for the BEST hotel rates:

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Find a great place to rest your head for less when you take advantage of these tips for how to save on hotels. Good luck!

**And be sure to come back for more tips and tricks in our Thrifty Travel Series!

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