How to Save Money on Vintage Wedding Décor

How to Save Money on Vintage Wedding Décor

If you are planning a vintage wedding for this summer or whenever, you already know that the task can be quite daunting. On top of what seems like a never ending to-do list, you may be trying to save money as well and this can make things a little tricky. The good news is, vintage weddings are a great theme to save money with and that may be why they have really gained popularity in the recent years. If you are looking at décor for your vintage wedding, here are some great ways to save money on vintage wedding décor for your special day.

How to Save Money on Vintage Wedding Décor
How to Save Money on Vintage Wedding Décor

Hit up flea markets. As the weather gets warmer, it will be flea market time and this is the perfect place to find unique pieces that could be used for your wedding’s décor. For instance, you could find some old tins and use them as something to display treats or flowers in on the tables. Look for vintage napkins as well at places like this. It’s alright if they are mismatched!

DIY your décor. In most cases, making some of your own décor for your wedding will pan out cheaper.

Make sure you check out my list of 15 DIY Vintage décor ideas for plenty of inspiration.

Make something new something old again. You can distress a second hand table to look vintage by just following some steps on DIY sites. Look at vintage items and try to figure out how you can make something you already have look like it could be from a different era.

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Borrow from older relatives. You can often get some wedding things like napkin rings, silver, statuettes, broaches, and picture frames from relatives and friends that lived through the era you are trying to recreate. This is also the perfect time to ask them about their big day and what they did on it in order to get an idea of a direction you want to go for your big day for not only décor but also music and more!

Don’t go overboard. One thing that made vintage weddings so elegant in their own right was the fact that people didn’t go over the top and do too much décor. It was simple touches like flowers in vases, embroidered napkins, some lace and nice table cloths. By minimizing what you will be decorating with, you will save money in your budget, naturally.

When is your big day? What made you consider a vintage wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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