How to Save Money on a Camping Trip

how to save on a camping trip

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Be a Savvy Camper: How to Save Money on a Camping Trip

The best kind of camper is a happy camper, and what could make a camper happier than saving money? Camping is an ideal getaway because it is so budget friendly and still allows you to enjoy a unique family experience. If you have ever considered camping, forget everything you thought about sticks, bugs, and dirt. Instead, take a look at how you can save money on a camping trip and make it a cozy experience in the process.

In Michigan there are quite a few beautiful place to camp! I hope that we will be able to squeeze one in before the summer is over! What are some of your favorite places to camp in Michigan? If you need suggestions, then head to the the guide for Michigan Campgrounds and sites!

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or sleep on rocks in order to save money on a camping trip. Just give these tips a try and see how you and your brood can get back to nature for less!

Be a Happy Camper: How to Save Money on a Camping Trip

1. Visit local parks.
If you have a state park or county park in your area, take advantage of the rates you are entitled to for being a resident. You can save as much as 30% when you book just for living in the state or county the park resides in. While it is fun to travel afar and camp, opt for a week away at a local park and save not only gas but on site fees.

2. Bring your own necessities.
If you forget something on a camping trip, it will cost you. Many parks have adorable general stores, but this cute convenience comes at a cost. You don’t want to have to pay big bucks for a can opener, marshmallows, or charcoal should you forget yours. Instead, make a list and check it over well before you depart. If you do need to buy something, it may be cheaper to leave the park and find a gas station.

3. Opt for electric free sites.
You are going to be pay an upgrade if you rent a site with electric hook up. You can still bring all of your favorite electronics, just be sure they are well charged and you have a car charger. You can also bring battery operated lighting, radios, etc. Charcoal grills or the grill pits are all you need to dine. So skip the electric option and save.

4. Get creative with food.
It can be easy to eat a lot while camping, so bring foods that are yummy but budget friendly. You can make hot dogs with all of the fixings for just a few dollars. You can also cook baked potatoes in foil over the fire for cheap. Grill corn and other in season veggies sprinkled with seasoning that cost just pennies per pound, and rely on drink mixes to quench your thirst. Take plenty of inexpensive snacks such as granola bars, pretzels, and peanuts. Get creative and you won’t go hungry or broke. Check out my pinterest board for great ideas on camping!

5. Take advantage of free activities.
Camping grounds offer a ton of free activities. For example, there are often free hiking trails complete with free maps, free swimming, guided lessons and classes, learning centers, and more. Ask for an activities calendar when you arrive so you can entertain you and your family for free. And while not all activities are free, you can ask about inexpensive rental options such as bike and boat rental.

Camping can be quite delightful when you pack the site with tasty food, cozy blankets, and your family ready to have a good time. You can enjoy some of your favorite activities and past times for as little as $10.00 per night in site fees. You can’t find a getaway any cheaper than that! Enjoy the fresh air, stars, and all nature has to offer at a great price. Happy camping!

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