How to Find Hotel Deals In Michigan At Great Prices

Hotel Deals In Michigan

How to Find Hotel Deals In Michigan At Great Prices

If you are headed to our lovely state of Michigan for a fun vacation, staycation, weekend adventure or business trip then you are likely wondering how to get the best deal on your room or resort stay.  We have some simple tips to help you find Hotel Deals In Michigan At Great Prices.  Not only can we help you find the right hotel in Michigan to suit your needs, but hopefully end up spending a lot less than you expected.  No matter what brings you to the state, we can help you swing better prices on your stay.

Hotel Deals In Michigan


Stay Outside The City:  With tons of popular attractions in or around the city, one of the best things we can recommend is to stay outside the city.  Even the closest suburbs will often offer chain motel and hotels at much lower rates.  Staying close to your tourist destination will often bring the highest hotel rates rather than cheapest.  Sure, you have to spend a bit more on gas to commute to your destination, but it will typically be negligible compared to the hotel cost in the city.

Shop Around By Phone:  Contact a few of the nicer hotels you have an interest in staying at and then shop around by phone.  There are often much lower rates when you call direct than when you book online.  It’s also an opportunity to let them know of cheaper prices at their competitors.

Stay At The All Inclusive Resort:  There are tons of great all inclusive resorts around the lakes when you plan a vacation for those locations.  These offer up more space, a homelike feeling and of course tons of opportunities to include package deals on entertainment and food that can save you a ton of money.

Book Through A Daily Deal Site:  Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and even Deal Chicken all offer up excellent deals on hotel stays in and out of the city.  These can save you up to 70% off listed hotel price.

Call The Chamber Of Commerce:  One of the best things about state and city chambers of commerce is the great connections and information they have about their city.  Not only will they have information on the best places to stay, they will often have great discounts to offer you.  They can also tell you about local attractions, free kids night meals at local restaurants and even areas of town to avoid for a safer and more family friendly experience.

Booking a great hotel deal in Michigan is just like any other location you travel.  It takes a bit of prep, a few phone calls and online searches, but applying your standard bargain seeking techniques will help you find the greatest deals to be had.  If you are still left looking, ask a local friend to help you out and let you know their favorite locations.  A lot of small mom and pop motels are great, clean and affordable too!

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