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Meijer Help Wanted

We’re hiring again!

Although this position is primarly for Meijer, it will be helpful if you have or shop at Aldi, Kroger, Target or Walmart!

Here’s what I am looking for:

  • Must be professional
  • Must live in an area where you can get to a Meijer quickly (in driving distance, etc. Basically live in a State/City where you have a Meijer).
  • Respect my time and yours. Since this is a work at home job, I am not hovering over you to make sure you complete your work, so it is easy to get side-tracked (trust me, it happens to me all the time).
  • Must be knowledgeable of Meijer Policies.
  • Must be an ethical couponer/shopper. If you’re one to misuse the system, take advantage of the system, etc don’t even apply.
  • Must be knowledgeable of basic coupon policies and lingo.
  • Must have a decent phone to take pictures at the store to upload to the blog, etc.
  • Must have a flexible schedule (be willing to work at times at the beg. of the week when the sale starts-Meijer sales start on a Sunday)
  • Must be able to get to the store to do walk-throughs, take photos, price drop deals, etc.
  • Have a positive, upbeat attitude. Deal blogging can be stressful at times.
  • Must be able to keep up. Again, deal blogging and posting deals back to back can be a lot. You must be organized enough to keep track of your time, get deals posted in a timely manner, etc.
  • Must be familiar with how to find coupons, etc.
  • Be able to spell. No shortcodes, ebonics, text talk will be allowed.
  • Be savvy on how to break down deals (like I do with the deal scenarios)
  • Have a quick eye to find deals, keeping up with current coupons.
  • Must have basic knowledge and experience on what a good deal is vs okay deal, stockup price, etc (I am here to help with that as well).
  • Must have your own computer or laptop. If you’re savvy enough to blog from your phone or ipad, that’s great, but when using WordPress, it’s easier to have a computer or laptop (it doesn’t rule out those that just have a phone or tablet- just will make it harder to use WordPress)

You do not have to have extensive knowledge about blogging or using WordPress, but it is super helpful! I am willing to train the right person on how to use wordpress, etc.

I have a style and format that must be used when posting deals. It’s an easy process to follow once you get going.

I want someone that is willing to take this serious (we have fun too), but treat this as a job. Because.. it is!

Basic WordPress Knowledge (not required. I will train the right person)

  • Uploading pictures to the blog.
  • Knowing how to link coupons
  • Using the coupon database to find coupons
  • Formatting your post to align with the format for deals
  • Using Co-Schedule to schedule the deals to Social Media
  • Basic WordPress knowledge
  • Grammar and spelling is important.
  • Basic Math skills ( going back over your posts to make sure the math is correct. I definitely make mistakes from time to time, so always go back over to make sure it’s right)


I am looking for someone that LOVES shopping at Meijer and LOVES to share deals and help others. Deal blogging is tedious and repetitive work. However, you can make it fun because you love to help others and share ways to save money by shopping at Meijer!

Must be able to work independently. I will not chase you down asking you to post deals. I expect the right person to be able to work on their own. Asking for help when needed, but be able to work with no

This is a paid position. Pay will be based on experience and knowledge. Pay will start between $9-$11 per hour. I am looking for at least 5-10 hours per week.

Disclaimer: You are not working for Meijer. You will be working as a self-contractor with A Mitten Full Of Savings

So are you interested? If so, fill out this short application here and I’ll be in touch soon!

If you have questions- you can PM me on Facebook or email me at amittenfullofcoupons @ gmail . com  (no spaces)

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