Where To Find Disney Discount Tickets + Ways To Save Money on Disney Park Tickets

ways to save on Disney tickets

One thing you need to know if you are budgeting your Disney trip is where to find discount Disney tickets. Save money by going to the right sellers.

One thing you need to know if you are budgeting your Disney trip is where to find discount Disney tickets. Save money by going to the right sellers. Get tips on where to find Disney discount tickets and ways to save for your upcoming Disney vacation.

Where To Find Disney Discount Tickets + Ways To Save Money on Disney Park Tickets

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to Disney? The atmosphere in that warm, incredibly friendly park is simply magical. However, it comes at a cost, and for some, that is why going to Disney remains just a dream. Did you know there are numerous ways to save money on entry tickets? It is true! There are all sorts of ways to save money on those Disney Park tickets; you just need to know a few tricks. Look below at how to save money on Disney Park tickets, and see how you can visit The Mouse’s House for less! 

1. Consider a multi-day ticket. Chances are it will take you multiple days to get through the bigger park. If you consider a multi-day ticket, you can save some cash. The savings is a few dollars off your second-day ticket, but if traveling with a family, this adds up. While you are thinking about adding on days, don’t add on the hopper. The chances of having time to jump in between parks are rare. Instead, focus on one park per day and save the extra fee.

2. Know if you are eligible for discounts. 
Disney does offer discounts if you fall into certain categories. Disney offers a military discount and a Florida resident discount. Should you fall into one of these categories, be sure you have ID to prove your status and save. While Disney limits discounts to these two categories, they do make exceptions. Check out the Disney website where they sometimes post discount opps for other groups besides Florida residents and military.

Who Qualifies for Discount Disney Tickets?

Anyone can purchase discount tickets from any of the above sellers.  Some groups can get club pricing or special discounts such as military, or local residents.  AAA offers discounted tickets on a regional basis.  So, if you live near Florida, you may qualify for discounted tickets as a AAA member.  Another way to get tickets at reduced pricing is through an employer who provides the tickets a the group rate.  Overall, if you are not a Florida resident and don’t have military experience, the best way to save money on Disney World park admissions is to purchase discount Disney tickets online, in advance at wine of the trusted sources mentioned above.

3. Check out the daily rate calendar. Disney charges different amounts depending on the day you visit. Be sure you head to their website and view the rate calendar. If you are flexible in your planning, you can opt for one of the value days and save a few dollars off admission. If you travel to Disney World or Disneyland during the off-peak season, you will save more money. If you do not have your heart set on traveling to Disney World on someone’s birthday or anniversary, you can save money by going on particular days. Take a peek at the booking calendar and look for days that are marked off as value days. By visiting the park on a value day, instead of one of their peak days, you will find that you can save yourself a fair amount of money, per each ticket!

4. Bundle your vacation. Check with a travel agent to see if you can get a deal by bundling your flight, hotel, and theme park tickets. They may be able to offer you additional savings if you book through them and bundle.

5. Buy the bare bones ticket. You will have the option to add on extras to your ticket, but you will find that the basic park admission works just fine. You will still see everything you want and not feel rushed to enjoy the add-ons.

Disney Chase Visa perks
Credit: Chase Bank

6. Use a credit card that earns you Disney perks. There are several credit cards out there that allow you to earn Disney perks with each purchase. The Disney Chase Visa is a popular choice and can be used during the year to help you accumulate perks and discounts on your next Disney trip. Tip: Even if you don’t have a Disney Chase Visa, you can still get certain perks with your Disney Chase Debit Visa card. 

7. Head to Sam’s ClubPurchase Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club for about 5% less than face value. These gift cards can be used to buy Disney tickets and can be used in Disney parks as well. Every little bit helps! You can also find good discounts on Disney gift cards at Costco, as well as using the Costco Travel to help save money on your hotel, car rentals and more! 

8. Head to ParkSaversThe ParkSavers website can help you book last minute Disney tickets for less. You will easily save a few bucks when booking via this authorized retailer.

ways to save on Disney tickets

Authorized Sellers of Discount Disney Tickets

As you hunt for the best deals, it is important to note that Disney does not authorize single day discount ticket sales.  If you come across a website offering this, that’s a red flag. There are plenty of trusted sellers out there that you can benefit from, but there are also scams to watch out for.

You have many options when it comes to trusted sources for purchasing discount Disney tickets online for your next Disney World vacation.  Parksavers.comis probably the best.  They offer the most competitive pricing.  The website is also super easy to navigate, and they offer customer service through Messenger.  Obviously, if you are looking for the best deal, you like to shop around. For a deal comparison, you should check with Undercover Tourist and Official Ticket Center.  The former provides very comprehensive information about multi-day ticket options to help you piece together a price based plan.

If you like great deals with a heavy dose of irony, you should try Get Away Today.  You need to purchase them further in advance and what you receive will be a voucher that you will need to redeem once you get to Disney World.  The voucher can still be linked to the My Disney Experience App, and despite the inconvenience, it is a good resource for better discounts on Disney tickets.

9. Volunteer! Want to do good and earn Disney park passes in the process? Then why not volunteer? Each year Disney gives away as many as one million park tickets to people who dedicate a day to volunteering. Head to WDWinfo.com to find out about this program and see how you can participate. This program has stipulations so be sure to check out the site for up to date information.

10. Use your Target Red Card. Many people don’t know that you can use your Target Red Card to buy your Disney tickets 5% cheaper! Head to Target.com where you can find Disney park tickets, add them to your cart, use your Red Card, and save. It is that simple and a quick and easy way to save 5%.

11. Use a Travel Planner. Travel planners are a great resource because they know all of the ins and outs about how to save money on vacations. Some charge a hefty fee, but there are plenty of others out there who can help you plan your Disney vacation for free! Yes, free travel planners do exist, you just have to search for them. Most Disney Travel Planners work for free as they get paid commission from Disney itself.

13. Travel with an In-State Friend. Those who live in Florida get the best deal of all. The tickets are anywhere from $50-$75 a person, instead of the $100-$150 a person. Saving money on tickets is easy if you know of someone who lives in the area. Invite them to Disney World and have a fun time!

14. Look for Discounts Through Current Memberships. Many memberships offer discounted tickets to a variety of zoos, amusement parks, and aquariums. If you have any types of memberships, like a AAA membership, scope out their website or give them a call to inquire about special discounts on Disney World tickets that may be available. Some employers even offer similar types of discounts, so do not hesitate to ask your Human Resources director if such discounts are available through your workplace.

15. Wait for a Discount from Disney. Every once in a while, Disney will throw in a special. You may see lowered ticket prices or even free dining plans for the kids, during their special promotions. Always look on their website, before you book to see what kind of discounts are available! Here’s the current deal Disney has going on to get discounted Disney tickets for $85 per dayDisney announced a new 4-Park Magic Ticket value deal that gets visitors into each of Walt Disney World Theme Parks over four days. Parks included are Disney’s Magic Kingdom park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The 4-day ticket costs $85 per day. The tickets are only valid January 18, 2019 – March 1, 2019.

16. Learn Where to Buy the Cheapest Ticket. If you like paying full price for tickets, then go ahead and wait until you get to Disney World to buy your tickets. If you love saving money, know that there are other options for buying the cheapest ticket possible. There are authorized sellers of Disney tickets, so keep this in mind as you purchase! Some employers even offer discounts. Ask around and see where the best place is for YOUR family to get discounted tickets for Disney World.

17. Buy your tickets on eBay. I’ve done this specific tip before, and it worked perfectly. I purchased several 1-day hoppers on eBay. READ the reviews BEFORE you purchase Disney or any theme park tickets from sources like this. That is VERY important. This is a risky one, but I am sharing it because I have personally used this option in the past. You want the seller to have a ton of GREAT reviews from other happy customers. I was skeptical of doing this at first, but after reading a lot of reviews from that specific seller, I decided to go for it. I had the tickets mailed to my resort in Florida since I didn’t have enough time to have them mailed to my home. Even after receiving them, I was still like, “is this going to work?” But it did. So this is a GREAT way to save probably the most money on Disney tickets by looking for deals like this.

18. Do a timeshare tour. Do you know you can score tickets to Disney for about $50-$60 per ticket? Years ago, you could get FREE tickets to Disney with this tip. Down in Florida, you will find a ton of booths at the malls and all over the tourist area of reps trying to get you signed up for a timeshare presentation. In exchange for doing a 90-minute tour, you can get significantly discounted tickets to theme parks. So, if you have time to do the timeshare tour, then this is a great option for you.

Disney Gift Card Deal

19. If you’re in the Midwest and you have a Meijer, you can do this: Save money on Disney tickets with the gift card promotion offer. Here’s how that would work: for every $50 you buy in select gift cards, you will get a $5 personalized reward in your mPerk account. (max of 10 reward offers. So a max of $50 bucks)Let’s say you will be buying $500 worth of Disney tickets.
First. Go to Meijer and buy $500 worth of Disney Gift Cards (you can buy them in $50 or in $100 gift cards)
Second. Pay $500 for those gift cards.
Third. Within 24-48 hours you will have $50 in your mPerk account to use (keep in mind these rewards WILL expire, so watch the expiration date).
Fourth. Go to Disney’s site and buy your tickets. Or take the gift cards with you to Disney to use towards your tickets, merch, food, etc. You just saved $50 on Disney tickets.

A Disney vacation is no small matter when it comes to dollars.  Everything adds up, and there are so many choices. Unfortunately, many times finding the easy solution ends up being more expensive than it has to be.  There are plenty of ways to do Disney World cheaper if you know where to find them. One thing you need to know if you are budgeting your Disney trip is where to find discount Disney tickets.

One thing you need to know if you are budgeting your Disney trip is where to find discount Disney tickets. Save money by going to the right sellers. Get tips on where to find Disney discount tickets and ways to save for your upcoming Disney vacation.

Budgeting your Disney Vacation

If you book your travel directly through Disney World, they make it very easy for you to bundle everything up.  They reduce the cost of tickets per day, all the while knowing that you will be purchasing extra nights at their pricey resort hotels.  There are plenty of ways to budget your trip and save on hotels, including the use of deals and promotions on the Walt Disney World website.  However, if you just want park tickets without buying a whole package, there are reliable and trustworthy sources for buying discount Disney tickets.

 You can save money on Disney Park passes; you just need to get a little creative. Consider these tips for saving cash on Disney park passes and see how easy it can be to travel to Disney for less.

Do you have any tips for saving money on Disney tickets?

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