7 Tips To Help You Plan The BEST Cedar Point Trip!

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Are you planning a trip to Cedar Point this summer? If so, I have some helpful tips to help you plan the best Cedar Point trip and things you should know before planning your visit to this Midwest theme park. 

Are you planning a trip to Cedar Point this summer? If so, I have some helpful tips to help you plan the best Cedar Point trip and things you should know before planning your visit to this Midwest theme park. 

7 Tips To Help You Plan The BEST Cedar Point Trip!

Summertime is the perfect time to head to Cedar Point theme parks for wild rides, fantastic food, and good old family fun. Cedar Point theme parks are the perfect destination for families looking for a quick getaway, so if you are planning a trip there are a few things you should know. Look below at 7 things you should know before visiting Cedar Point, so you can be sure you are prepared for everything Cedar Point has to offer you!

Cedar Point Discount Tickets

1. You might be able to find discounts.
There are several ways to find discounted Cedar Point theme park tickets. You can find discounts on soda cans, when you buy tickets ahead of time on the Cedar Point website, or when you purchase tickets from an authorized dealer such as a local grocery store. Try these methods and see if you can score tickets for less.

2. Use the park wifi.
The park offers free wifi, so you might as well save your data and take advantage of it. This way you can take all the pics you want, watch movies while waiting in line, or even download the Cedar point app!

3. Buy parking passes ahead of time and save.
You can save a few bucks if you buy a parking pass ahead of time at the Cedar Point website. You might also feel less stressed if you buy a pass ahead of time so you can arrive with one and head right to your spot. Just think, with the money you save you can buy another funnel cake instead. This is the MAJOR tip folks. Do not pay gate prices. We see deals on Cedar Point tickets all year long, but especially during the spring and summer months. Check this post for the latest deals on Cedar Point tickets. I update it frequently. Another place to get discounted Cedar Point tickets is at Meijer. 

4. Forget the skip to the front of the line passes.
For an extra fee (around $60) you can buy a skip to the front of the line pass. The truth is, you don’t need this feature. The cost is steep and you won’t find the ride lines extremely long anyhow. If you are making a full day of the park, just take your time. Save the $60 for meals instead. The longest we have stood in line for a ride was about an hour. And since we’re used to standing in long lines at other theme parks, it was not a big deal. Play a game like heads up (download the app), and it will help make the time go by fast! 

5. Snap on some storage.
You can rent a storage locker, but it is cheaper and safer to keep your valuables on you. Use a waist pack or backpack to keep your items in instead. This way you can wear your items without a ton of hassle, and there is no need to run to your locker when you need something.

6. Save water rides for the end.
It just makes sense. Save water rides for the end so you aren’t walking around the park wet. Keep a small towel in your snap on storage (see tip #5) so you can wipe up after rides. It’s not a bad idea to keep a change of clothes in the car either so you can change before the ride home.

7. Buy the All You Can Drink cup.
You want to stay hydrated on your visit, so buy the All You Can Drink Cup. It is well worth the $11 price tag, even if you just fill it every few hours during your trip. This is a great way to enjoy a cold beverage as needed without hashing out more cash.

Get ready for your Cedar Point trip when you consider these 7 things you should know before you pay a visit. You will find that by arriving prepared, you can make the most of your trip and enjoy every second more fully!

If you plan to stay on property, read about the upgrades made to Cedar Point’s Breaker’s Hotel!

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  1. April 10, 2018

    Are you talking about planning a weekday trip to Cedar Point or a trip that you take over the weekend? If you are from a far distance away and are planning to go on a busy (hot and sunny summer or HalloWeekends) Saturday, you will likely want the Fast Lane Plus, especially if you love to get in all of the roller coasters with re-rides! Also, staying at one of their hotels (even the cheaper ones) will get you in the gates earlier than the general public, and they tend to have a number of their great coasters open then (you should be able to knock out two of them during that one hour time frame)!

  2. April 14, 2018

    I’m not a local but we researched this carefully before our last trip. The best time to visit Cedar Point depends a bit on your likes and dislikes. If dislike hot and humid weather, avoid the summer. But if you enjoy water rides and don’t want to be cold (and wet), summer might be the best time. Even spring and fall can be chilly.

    A good compromise is to travel at the start of summer (maybe early June) before the summer vacation and the July crowds (although June will still be busy), or plan for September. It can still be warm enough in September, and you avoid the bugs, thunderstorms and crowds of July and August. However, it will still be busy, so best is to get there early in the morning, as the gates open, and consider buying a Fast Pass so you don’t spend most of your day in lines waiting to ride.

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