What You Should Be Buying At Aldi This Week (1/13-1/19)

13 things to buy from Aldi this week!

What You Should Be Buying At Aldi This Week (1/13-1/19)

Remember when shopping at Aldi to bring a quarter with you for the carts– you will get it back when you return the cart

Bring your own grocery bags with you or look for empty boxes while you are shopping. Otherwise you can purchase bags at the checkout

Here’s what you should be getting at Aldi this week based on the Aldi Weekly Sale!

Lots of Organic deals this week!!

*this is based on the Michigan Aldi Ad. Prices will vary by region.

  1. FRESH FAMILY PACK Chicken Breasts $1.49 lb Limit 4 Pan Seared Chicken w/garlic cream sauce 
  2. Mangoes $0.69 eaMango Apple Salad
  3. Washington ORGANIC Gala Apples $3.49 3 lb bag — $1.16 per lb
  4. Blackberries 6 oz $0.99 — Mini Blackberry Waffles 
  5. Red Grapes $1.09 lb
  6. FRESH FAMILY PACK Chicken Thighs Available Jan 16 $0.79 lb
  7. FRESH Whole Boneless Pork Butt Roast Available Jan 16 $1.49 lb 
  8. Simply Nature ORGANIC Coconut Oil $3.99 
  9. Simply Nature ORGANIC White Cheddar Puffs $1.49— My Kids LOVE these!
  10. Friendly Farms Chocolate Almondmilk $1.69 
  11. Simply Nature ORGANIC Quinoa $2.99 — Quinoa Vegetarian Buddha Bowl 
  12. Simply Nature ORGANIC Popcorn $1.49 
  13. Fit & Active Vitality Cereal $1.69 


Check out some of the non food item deals!!

  • Huntington Home Signature Bath Towel or Hand Towel and Washcloth Set $4.99
  • Huntington Home Signature 20″ x 34″ Memory Foam Bath Mat $9.99
  • Dentiguard Ultra Whitening Strips $12.99 
  • Little Journey Children’s Potty Chair, Potty Seat or Double Step Stool $6.99

What deals are you finding at Aldi this week? Drop me a comment and let me know!



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