Airfare Deals Starting at $69 This Week & Vacation Packages

southwest 69 airfare deal

 Airfare Deals Starting at $69 This Week & Vacation Packages

Airfare is something you should never have to pay full price for.. (unless it’s a last minute emergency)!

The key is.. and the secret (which is really not a secret) but find deals!

Many times it’s a great idea to sign up for your favorite airline’s newsletter so you are in the KNOW!

Many airlines have weekly specials. But it’s not the weekly specials that you want to go after.. but the “special” airfare deals!

A few keys to finding the best airfare deals:

  • Always search in the middle of the week
  • Try to fly from a Tuesday-Tuesday (middle of the week) is when you find the cheapest deals.
  • Before finalizing your flight, check bing to compare your rate to what other carriers are offering just to make sure you have the best rate.
  • is another great site to find great deals and get notified of when you a deal you were looking for goes on sale
  • HUGE–>>> go with airlines (as often as you can) that do not charge you for baggage! Southwest is one of the FEW that do not charge

Right now Southwest Airlines is offering their $69 airfare sale! Fares start as low as $69 one-way.

So whether you’re flying out Detroit Metro, San Diego, Chicago, or where ever your hub is…. be sure to start your planning ahead with Southwest’s $69 sale. This sale is valid until 9/30/2013.

Plus Southwest also carries package deals! Here’s a few worth noting:


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  1. September 26, 2013

    Awesome. Love Southwest. Always have great deals. Just got back from Vegas and got a great deal using

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