7 Christmas Decorations Under $5 Each

7 Christmas Decorations Under $5

When it comes time to decorate for Christmas your budget can take a heavy hit with all of the lights, ornaments, wreaths and of course the huge yard ornaments that are always popular.  Here are 7 Christmas Decorations Under $5 Each that are sure to please the whole family, give your home and tree a unique look and still create the beauty you are longing for.


7 Christmas Decorations Under $5


  • PAPER CHAINS FOR THE TREE: Take a spin on the classic paper chains made with construction paper and purchase a package of holiday themed paper at your local dollar store for just $1 and have the children cut strips of silver, gold, red, green and blue “chains” to glue or staple together.  You can even pick up spray glitter to spray the paper with beforehand to create a shimmer that you wouldn’t normally find on the traditional paper chains.
  • EMBELLISHED CANDLES:  Hit your local $1 store for pillar, taper and votive candles in white, green, red, cream and on occasion blue or silver.  Each candle can cost as little as $1.25 using simple items found around the house to embellish them and create a beautiful centerpiece.  Ribbons, buttons, sequins, beads, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks & twine all create beautiful pieces.
  • GOLD ACORNS & PINECONES:  Nothing beats sending your children out into the yard to gather acorns and pinecones to be spray painted.  Grab a can of Spray paint in Gold or Silver and spread out newspapers in a well-ventilated area.  Spray your acorns and pinecones and allow them to dry.  Arrange in a large glass bowl or cool candy jar like this one with a package of inexpensive holiday scented potpourri for a beautiful and uplifting decoration.
  • CEDAR WREATHS:  Check your local area for cedar trees and ask permission from owners to trim a few branches to create your own homemade wreaths.  Shape an old wire hanger into a hoop, grab some florist tape for under $1 and a roll of gold or red ribbon and create your own simple and wonderful smelling cedar wreath to hang inside or outside for the holiday season.
  • ORNAMENTS IN A BOWL:  Another great centerpiece is created by using a large clear bowl or candy jar to house colorful glass or plastic ornaments.  Most discount stores carry large boxes of ornaments for under $5 a package.  Grab 2 of your favorite solid colors (Cream and Gold or Silver and Blue are great combinations) and mix them together in a large bowl.  This looks even better when done with differing sized ornaments.
  • HANDPRINT REINDEER COLLAGE:  Pick up a collage picture frame at your local dollar store for under $5.  Grab the kids, some construction paper and paint and paint hands to create Reindeer Hands.  Frame these simple crafts to create a unique family photo collage.
  • RED RIBBON GARLAND:  Pick up a large spool of red, gold or multi-colored holiday ribbon and simply weave it in and out of your tree creating a colorful garland that covers flaws in a sparse tree and brings a brilliant pop of color to your home.

No matter what your budget these easy to create and use decoration ideas are sure to help stretch your budget this holiday season.  Created with love and adapted to your family taste in décor and colors you will find these 7 Christmas decorations a hit for the whole family.


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  1. November 22, 2013

    After reading post, I am overflowing with so much inspiration that I am feeling itchy to get started with these projects. Thanks a lot for these brilliant and creative idea for Christmas decor that also within my pocket.

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