6 Things You Need To Stop Paying For

6 things you should stop paying for

6 Things You Need To Stop Paying For

In an effort to save money, most of us look for ways we can save a few bucks on. Another way might be obvious, but it isn’t something we usually think of. That is, not paying for something in the first place. Here are 6 things you should stop paying for right now and alternatives to them so you can stop.


6 things you should stop paying for

6 Things You Need to Stop Paying For


Hard Copy Books– You can read them for practically free on sites like Amazon (if you have Amazon Prime) and many libraries also digital library books available for those that hold a library card. Unless the book is something you think you will reference over and over, it’s best not to buy it up front and save yourself some money. I daily post a list of Kindle Freebies that you can check out and download to your Kindle or Kindle App! You can check those out here.

Bottled Water– Bottled water is such a waste of money. You are mostly paying for the bottle, which is most likely plastic and just a waste of resources on our environment. Most people buy bottled water because they don’t like their local tap water, and because it is convenient, but did you know that many bottled water companies are actually just bottling their tap water? Instead, buy a filtered pitcher or a faucet filter and drink from your own home.

Baby Food– This is another thing most people buy for convenience, but making your own baby food is so simple, it doesn’t require any special skills or storage. In fact, just a food processor or high powered blender does the trick and you can freeze individual servings for thawing out and using later. You will be able to feed your baby for pennies this way.

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Cleaning supplies– You can make your own for very little cost using cheap supplies such as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. They take less than 5 minutes to make in most cases and you can literally save hundreds of dollars a year this way. If you are worried about effectiveness, I actually find these homemade types of cleaners to be more effective than the store variety and as an added bonus, they are non-toxic.

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Late fees and hidden fees– While it can be hard to make your bills on time and it seems like just $5 here and $5 there for late fees, think about this; If you pay just $10 a month in late fees, you paid $120 a year in them! That’s over $100 in wasted fees and money just for not paying your bills on the day they are due. Work with a budget counselor to come up with a way that you can make your bills on time as these kinds of fees are not necessary.

Paper Towels– You can use rags to do most of your cleaning projects. There really is no reason you need to buy paper towels. You can make rags out of old t-shirts, towels and sweats. If you are worried about leaving streaks behind when you wash your windows and mirrors with the rags, use coffee filters or newspapers to wipe-both leave no streaks!

What are some other things you can think that is a waste of money? Leave me a comment below.. I would love to hear what you have to say!

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