52 Week Money Challenge- Week 2

52 week challenge, money saving ideas

52 week challenge, money saving ideas  52 Week Money Challenge- Week 2

It’s week 2 of the 52 Week Challenge!   If you need help with weekly reminders, then sign up for our 52 week challenge newsletter!

This week you are depositing $2 in your money jar. Or if you’re doing the challenge in reverse, then $51. Or if you’re making up your own challenge, then be sure to deposit that money!

Here’s this week’s savings tip:

Do you buy used clothes? You know the popular song- Thrift Shop?

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I’m hunting, looking for a come-up

It seems that after that song came out, thrifting became even more popular. Buying your clothes used is a great way to save money!

With so much waste these days in our culture, you can only imagine how much is going in the garbage that is still usable and how much money being tossed away. You would be amazed at what you can find at second hand stores, thrift stores, on Craigslist and at yard sales.

Many people think that buying second hand means getting low quality and over-used.

Recently, I went to the local Value Village (a 2nd hand store kind of like the Goodwill) and got a pair of Gucci Jeans and a Coach Scarf. Retail value of these are in the hundreds of dollars. How much did I pay? Less than $20. Both were in great condition. I also happened to get a pair of Lrg jeans for my husband at the bargain price of $15. This is more than I normally spend on used clothing, but since these jeans retail for near $80, and these still had the tags attached, I went for it. Another place I like to look for deals is Thredup. It’s an online shop full of awesome second hand clothes (you can sell there and make some $$) Learn more HERE

I buy second hand clothing so much I am always astonished at what clothing costs in retail prices. By shopping second hand, I save 50% to sometimes 90% off retail and part of the fun is hunting for the really awesome deals.

While savings are amazing, I would suggest some of the following tips as well:

  • Always wash what you buy as soon as you get home
  • Always try things on. The clothing could be stretched from the previous owner and may not be true to size.
  • Always look for holes, stains and tears.


Many places will not haggle with you on price, but be ready to do it if you feel the item is over the price range you would pay. Happy thrifting and I hope you join me next week for some more “52 week money saving” tips!

If you want more tips, then definitely continue to read on how you can save money on Children’s shoes here.

Plus if you want to shop like the Pros at the Thift store, then read my tips posted here.

Did you miss a week of the 52 Week of Saving Tips? You can find them HERE!

It’s not too late to join the 52 Week Money Challenge.

Why should You  join the 52 week money savings challenge?

Most families are on the constant look out for ways to save more money. This challenge is easy and doesn’t require you to do a lot each week. It starts out with just saving a $1 on the first week. Or, if you’re doing the challenge in reverse, then $52 bucks.

It’s an easy way to save money and it does work if you apply just a little self-discipline and you are determined to save money.  And having a goal is a good way reach your saving objective. Below are a few saving goal:

  • You can use the money you saved to pay for your Christmas at the end of the year.
  • Go on a vacation
  • Jump-start a college fund
  • Pay off debt
  • Buy a car
  • This could be your first time actually saving money in a bank account

The reasons for saving extra money are endless!But the key is getting started!

People tend to do better when faced with a challenge (of any kind).

  • You will receive a weekly email reminder telling you to make your deposit into the bank or jar
  • You will also receive a weekly savings tip on a way that you can save that week.
  • You will receive inspiring stories and ways to save money each week!
  • Many people and blogs start out doing this challenge within their communities. But by March, most have fallen off the band wagon. As you can see,by just looking at our 52 weekly challenge archive, you can see that we kept up with it each week.
  • I’ve personally and successfully completed this money saving challenge two years in a row! I am doing this challenge right along with you and to encourage you along the way. And if you need to tweak it to fit your families needs, save more , etc. then I am here to help you with that too!
  • You can find out more about the 52 Week Challenge HERE

So, let’s get started! Sign up today to start receiving the 52 week money saving challenge newsletter!

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