5 Reasons Why You Will LOVE The Michigan Sea Life Aquarium

michigan sea life aquarium

5 Reasons Why You Will LOVE The Michigan Sea Life Aquarium

In the great state of Michigan there is water, water everywhere and not a drop … to showcase tropical sea life?!

Well, not anymore. Michigan has now got it’s very own burgeoning seascape in the form of the brand new Michigan Sea Life Aquarium located at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills. This isn’t just some saltwater with a few fancy fish either. No, this is a 120,000 gallon Ocean Tank along with additional lagoons teeming with all manner of Manta Rays, Crustaceans and additional exotic water world creatures.

Recently, the boys and I had a chance to check out the Sea Life Aquarium and fell in love with all of the beautiful colors and sea creatures!
Below are 5 Reasons why you will LOVE the Michigan Sea Life Aquarium:
Let’s face it: What is better than being transported to a tropical paradise without having to travel out of state or country to do so?

zaydn at sea life of michigan

# 1 It’s Close

The number one reason to love the Michigan Sea Life Aquarium is it is located right here in our Great Lakes state. And this proximity to aquatic wonderment is the number one reason to visit. No more traversing all over the nation and spending lots of money on bank account draining airfare tickets to see spectacular underwater creatures. Now you can point your car towards Auburn Hills, Michigan and hangout with the sharks in short order. And you’re supporting a business right here in our Great Big Mitten!

zaydn and interactive guide sea life of michigan

#2 Educational & Interactive

It is always a win/win when kids can have major wicked fun and learn something interesting and exciting too. The Sea Life Aquarium has hands-on and interactive features. Each exhibit was designed to enhance and encourage kids and adults to learn with felling like your learning.  You”ll be surprised and the family will discover so much about our fragile oceans and the many intriguing animals whom call it home. This will also a great field trip opportunity. You may also have an opportunity to help feed some of the creatures if you plan your visit during feeding times. You can check out the feeding schedule HERE .

zaydn2sealifemichigan{Checking himself out}

#3 They Host Birthday Parties

The Michigan Sea Life Aquarium offers birthday party packages too. I mean really, how cool and memorable would it be to host your cool kid’s next birthday party in the same place where sharks roam and sting-rays frolic?

boys at sea life of michigan{The zzzboys checking out all of the wonderful things that Sea Life Michigan has to offer}

#4 Underwater Viewings

There is little as exciting as walking beneath skulking sharks and schools of tropical fish. The Michigan Sea Life Aquarium is dotted throughout with many underwater viewing opportunities. You and the little ones can get face-to-face with all of the aquariums inhabitants.

sea life of michigan

{Isn’t it just beautiful?!!}

#5 The Kids Will Love It!

If you don’t already know, kids and water just go together. Plus, when you throw in seahorses, jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks and a watery menagerie overspilling with tropical sea life from all over the globe, then everyone is bound to have a great time. My favorite Sea Creature was the Octopus. They’re just all kinds of squishy, unique and strangely beautiful. Unfortunately, as soon as I went to snap a picture he slid right out of sight. So, I will be going back for a visit soon to get my octopus picture!  The kids will also love the play area. It’s located at the end of the aquarium before you hit the gift shop (well played, Sea Life Aquarium, well played!) my youngest son Zayd’n enjoyed running in play area space and spending a few moments in the activity area.


sealife play area{Kids Play Area- tons of room to run around!!}

Overall, we were all impressed with the Sea Life of Michigan Aquarium. I loved all of the attractions and the exhibits were at kid-friendly eye-level. The kids could roam (at appropriate times) and explore the place as if it was their own house. They were also able to touch certain sea creatures, listen to interactive guides and their  knowledgeable staff was there to answer questions. All this for just $17.50 per ticket (currently discounted but the early bird special ends soon!- see details HERE)

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    Thank you so much for joining us on media preview and for sharing your experience! You got some great photos. 🙂

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