4 Qualities You Should Look for When Buying a Knife & Giveaway #MPMHGG

When you are making a meal for your family, there are certain things that just make the job easier: A clean work space, great ingredients and the right tools.

It is awful trying to work around a cluttered mess and if you are trying to use a poor quality knife, the task becomes a hassle. I was given the opportunity to review the 8” Professional Chef’s Knife by Kyocera.

4 Qualities You Should Look for When Buying a Knife

4 Qualities You Should Look for When Buying a Knife

When looking for a great knife, I look for these type of qualities:

  1. Sharpness: You want a knife that is sharp, but you also want a knife that stays sharp. When a knife is sharp it will easily slice through fruit, veggies and boneless meat with ease.
  2. An ergonomic handle: Using a knife that has an ergonomic handle gives you better control and makes the knife much easier to use.
  3. High quality blade: Make sure that the blade of the knife is high quality. When it is a professional grade blade the metal will not brown the foods, will not transfer a metal taste or smell, and will not rust. This is where ceramic blades can make for a much nicer knife.
  4. Lightweight: Many people do not think about the weight of their knives when they buy them. The more light weight the knife, the easier it is to do the repetitive motions in cutting without making your hands and arms ache.

professionals chefs knife kyocera

If you are looking for a new knife to add to your kitchen, consider the 8” Professional Chef’s Knife by Kyocera. This knife has a ceramic razor-sharp blade that is light weight and easy to handle.

I love how lightweight the knife feels, and the look of the handle gives it a very sleek look. I compared the handles on the Kycoera to the handle on a knife I picked up from Ikea. Can I say the difference is night and day! The handle on the Ikea Knife is heavy and bulky. The handle on the Professional Chef’s Knife by Kyocera is so light you can’t even feel that you’re holding an 8 inch knife in your hand!

4 Qualities You Should Look for When Buying a Knife Kyocera

While the ceramic knife blade doesn’t look very sharp, it is extremely sharp, and will stay sharp at least 10 times longer than traditional cutlery. It works great on most ingredients and with the Lifetime Complementary Sharpening on Kyocera Advanced ceramic knives, it is perfect for everyday use.

Review of Kyocera Professional Chef Knife

I should also take a moment to point out that this knife would definitely be useful if Zoombies ever decided to invade us (you can thank the 9 year old for this opinion.)

All of the Kyocera advanced ceramic cutlery and kitchen tools come with a lifetime warranty for defects in material and craftsmanship. If it is defective, it is replaced or repairs. This could be the last knife you buy.

And guess what? Right now we are giving away one 8” Professional Chef’s Knife by Kyocera.

kyocera giveaway

This Giveaway is open from 11/15-11/29

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    I liked the rainbow handled set of knives, I think they were a sweepstakes/giveaway promotion actually

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