11/3 Meijer Weekly Trip- 53% Savings

When I look at this picture of what I scored last week on 11/3, then compared to my Kroger trip last night 11/8– HUGE difference. But that is what happens when you shop at different stores. Sometimes your savings are not going to always be the same, especially if you have different stores and different value of coupons!

So my goal is to stay within a $50 budget for food (including hygiene, pet food, etc). Some weeks I do a little splurging and then the next week don’t spend anything. So overall it balances out. I am going to try to do a better job of posting my deals so you can see that you can save too!

This was only a 53% savings trip with quite a few expensive items!

The spices ate up most of my budget last week, but they were items that we use… so they were on sale for a decent price. Most importantly I had a spice coupon (that only comes around this time of year) so I went ahead and used them before they expired.

As you can see I have a variety of items (not a ton of free toothpaste 🙂 )

Most of these items are listed in the coupon match-ups from Meijer week 10/28-11/3  so I am not going to break them down!

Retail value $107.51 and paid $50.11! So just .11 cents over my budget!

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