10 Terrific Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping

10 Terrific Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping

If you prefer to not stand with a crowd waiting for the doors to open at a brick and mortar store this holiday shopping season on Black Friday, Cyber Monday may be right up your alley. Cyber Monday is the Black Friday of the online shopping world. You will find the same kind of deals, sometimes better, online on Cyber Monday and do it all in the comfort of your PJ’s at home.
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Here are some tips to having the best Cyber Monday experience:

1. Set a budget. Just like on Black Friday, you will want to know exactly what you will be spending on Cyber Monday. It is even more important online since it is way easier to spend way more than you intended with non-cash payments. Decide what is the maximum you will pay for certain items and what is the maximum you will pay for the whole day.

2. Sign up (before cyber Monday) for email alerts from your favorite stores. You will get previews of online sales for the big day and even some opportunities to get special coupons only available to those that get the emails. You can also subscribe to my newsletter that goes out daily with all of the best deals posted on the blog!

3. Research. Know what stores are having the sales on things you want before the day arrives.

4. Have a back-up plan. Just like on Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals sell quickly. You will need a back-up plan in case a deal you were eying falls through.

5. Get up early. Timing is important for the best sales. Know where the central offices for the store you are shopping is located. The times of the sales will often follow that time zone.

6. Shop boutique stores. Many of the smaller handmade goods are expensive, but on Cyber Monday, the store runs their own sales.

7. Find discounted gift cards online and use these to purchase if you don’t trust yourself to stick to your budget.

8. Use the free shipping to the store option if you can if that store location is in your area so you can skip the costs of it.

9. Use coupons. Simply Googling “XYZ store coupon” or “XYZ coupon code” often yields good results. You can also use our Holiday Shopping Center for the latest online coupon codes!

10. Don’t wait until Monday to scoop up the deals. Many stores now post their “Cyber Monday” deals on the weekend before it.

And be sure to stick around A Mitten Full Of Savings for a fun Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend blitz! We’ll be hear to share the best deals happening during that weekend! Also be sure to check out our fan page— once the deals start flying we will be posting time sensitive deals in the A Mitten Full Of Savings Group (we also do fun giveaways, prizes and more!!) JOIN HERE! 

Plus check out other tips to help you get ready for Black Friday:

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