TWO Ways To Save At Meijer This Week

Ways to save money at Meijer


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TWO Ways To Save At Meijer This Week

Ways to save money at Meijer

It’s no secret I love saving money and shopping at Meijer! Sometimes, it’s easy to think that saving .50 cents here, $1.00 there is not worth it.

HOWEVER, those pennies, cents, dollars ADD up! When Meijer implemented their personalized reward program, I fell in love with them all over again.

I mean, I get paid to shop at Meijer?! Every time I make a purchase it’s going towards my personalized reward, and once I clip that I can start all over again.

AND, if I don’t want to clip a coupon, I will still save money just using my mPerk account. This is why we started implementing Meijer mPerk only deals here on the blog. With the way the coupon game has changed over the years and the good good coupons have gone by the waste side, we have to change our game. Using mPerk offers vs clipping coupons not only saves me time, but resources.

Don’t get me wrong; I still clip coupons when I see really good ones worth my time and efforts.

With that being said, I’m sharing with you how I’m going to save on my upcoming groceries with little-to-no effort.

When you log into your mPerk account, you will see at the top of your screen (if you’re on the desktop) a Rewards link. If you’re on a mobile device, open the mPerk app, and you will see a rewards logo at the bottom of the screen.

When you click on the rewards option, you can then click on personalized rewards. You may have a reward option that looks like this:

Meijer Personalied mPerk Reward


*be sure to look at the other personalized reward offers available to you**

AND right now, everyone has this NEW mPerk Personalized reward offer for Gift Cards:

Meijer Personalized mPerk Reward

For EVERY $50 you spend on a Gift Card (including

You will get a $3 reward put into your mPerk to use on whatever (with the exception of gift cards, Alcohol, RX, etc)– so groceries, meat, diapers, video games, school supplies!!

Terms & Exclusions: Limit 10 Rewards per customer. *Excludes all Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards and prepaid debit cards, Gas Station & C-Stop, In-Store Business, Previous Purchases, & Taxes. While Supplies last. No rainchecks or substitutions. Terms and Exclusions apply to redemption of earned reward coupon. See reward coupon for terms and exclusions.

AND we also have these coupons available to clip in our Meijer mPerk account (I just searched for them using gift cards)

Meijer Personalized mPerk Reward

When you buy a $100 or more Visa Gift Card, you will get $10 off instantly (clip mPerk, sign into mPerk account at checkout. $10 is taken off, and you pay $90).

AND this one:

Meijer Personalized mPerk Reward

Get $10 off instantly (when you clip mPerk, sign into your mPerk account at checkout) when you buy $100 or more in Mastercard Gift Cards.

*there may be an activation fee with these MC/Visa offers, so be sure to check that and figure out if it’s worth the savings.

And NO, you cannot buy a Visa or Mastercard and get the $3 back from the personalized reward. It excludes those from that personalized reward offer.

BUT, here’s how you save money!

So, you’re going to buy groceries anyways this week or next week, right?


So, buy a $50 Meijer Gift Card or TWO $50 Meijer Gift Cards.

You will get $3 put in your personalized reward account (or $6 if you brought (2) $50 Gift Cards). You can buy as many as you want (I suggest doing it in $50 Meijer Gift Cards) in one transaction. However, the limit is TEN. So once you’ve redeemed this reward ten times between now and 9/10/2016, that’s it.

HOWEVER, do you have back to school shopping to do at Meijer or other stores?

You could put your money on a Visa or Mastercard and save $10 bucks!!

So, TWO AWESOME ways to save money right now! So, need uniforms from Old Navy? Buy a $100 Gift Card and only $90, saving you money instantly. Plus, with the uniform sales they have going on, you will save even more!

OR, you know you will spend $100 in groceries at Meijer. Do the Gift Card Deal FIRST and then use that to pay for your groceries.

I plan to do the $3 personalized offer. That’s $3 bucks I’m going to save for every $50 I spend at Meijer!

PLUS, with my other personalized offers, I’m going to score more $$ back in rewards!

So, it pays to shop at Meijer!



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