Total From My Shopping Trips 8/1-8/22 A Savings of 70%

 Total From My Shopping Trips 8/1-8/22 A Savings of 70%

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve updated my shopping trips. I used to be on top of this- and when I slacks.. it seriously shows!

  • You can find my previous shopping trips and savings tracking posted HERE.


**note I had pictures of my coupon haul- but for some reason it’s not playing nice with this post so I had to take them out in order for the post to show!

So far, this is what I’ve spent in the month of the August 2014


8/3/2014 Meijer Run $50.82- OOP $14.30  (this order consisted of produce, cereal, mids pasta and chocolate)


8/9 Meijer Run- Total $203.25, OOP $67.82


8/9- Kroger MEGA run- Total $106.01, OOP $35.05


8/11- Meijer Run: Total $86.74, OOP $32.88

Did the Jif PB Deal, GoGo Squeez ($1.29 after coupon) , picked up some produce, and a few other grocery items. You can find a lot of these deals in the Best Meijer Deals of that week.

8/11 Kroger MEGA run (  I am not going to do a break down of these since they were all listed in the ad) but for this sale I brought the same items over and over again. $65.75, OOP $23.79

I repeated the same deals on Caress, 99 cents, Kraft Cheese .49 cents, Huggies Wipes .50 cents, Garlic Bread .49 cents, Capri Sun Juice boxes- .99 cents and a few more items.

8/12- Kroger MEGA run $68.51, OOP $21.79

8/15-Meijer Run- I needed to buy a new microwave. Total $72.75, Paid $33.15 and received a $6 mperk reward

Microwave  on price drop for $59.99- however mine rang up full price of $69.99- so I received an extra $5 for the Michigan Scanner’s law- plus used a 20% off mperk and $10 back to school bucks

8/16- Meijer Run- Total $165.96, OOP $73.22

This included stocking up a bit on Organix Shampoo (which by itself is about $7-8 per bottle), and it included the PB Jif Deal, and the Arm * Hammer Laundry deal listed below.

8/19- raincheck deal at Meijer

Arm & Hammer Laundry Pacs were on sale for $2.99 used a $3/2 coupon

Brought 6- paid $10.81 *plus this went towards my personalized reward

Retail value $31.84


8/21- Horrock’s Run- $14.01


8/21- Kroger Run-Betty Crocker Snacks- $1.00 each after the $6/4 coupon

Total $67.79, OOP $21.60


8/22- Total $177.57, OOP $44.86, submit for Ibotta credits of $3.00

3 Transactions:

The first one I purchased a $50 Meijer Gift card.

I had a $5 off coupon for the Gift Card, plus I was able to get the $5 off $50 mperk promotion going on this weekend.

I also picked up 3 bottles of Welch’s grape just ice $2.69 and use .75 cents/1 coupon, along with the candy.

OOP $47.86

Then I use the $50 Gift Card for the next two transactions

Purina Dog Fo0d $9.99

Brought 5 bags. Received $10 off instantly with the Meijer promotion.

Use $3.00/1 coupons (5) and (2) $2.00/1 target coupons

Added 4 Smart Waters $1.00 each and Chobani Yogurt- for $2.50 (use $1/1 mperk, plus b3g1 smartwater perk)

Submit for $1 off ibotta credit for the Chobani

Final cost $17.40 (paid w/ gift card)

next transaction picked up the rest of the items

Syrup $2.89- used .55 cents/1 coupon

8/22- Total $177.57, OOP $44.86, submit for Ibotta credits of $3.00

Chobani – $2.50 used $1/1 mperk

Waffle Mix- $1.99

Smart Water- $1.00 each- b3g1 free

Noodles- .69 cents and .85 cents– used .50 cents/1 coupons

Hefty Trash Bag- $7.99 used $3.00/1 mperk

Cost- 28.35 (paid with gift card! )

8/22- Total $177.57, OOP $44.86, submit for Ibotta credits of $3.00

Final cost $41.86


So Total this month:  Retail value $1863. 47, OOP $471.77 (that’s a 74% savings)

*** there are transactions from earlier in the month that you can see in the following screenshot of my savings tracker HERE


Back to School Trip (a few items are included above/mixed in with grocery receipts)


8/8- found two summer dresses on clearance from $26 to $13, so I said why not?!! Even Moms can get a new outfit for sending the kids off to school. So two dresses for $27.36

8/8- stopped by Marshalls and picked up a bowtie/suspenders for Ziah for $5 bucks
8/8- also stopped by H&M and picked up some accessories for the boys- bow ties, hats- $39.37 spent plus I received a 15% off discount with student id.

8/9- Kids Foot Locker- Jordans- $83.36, paid $59.36

8/10- Foot Locker- Adidas and Nikes- $209.20 , paid $74.18

*you can score a $10 coupon when you sign up to be a VIP member. (It’s FREE)

Old Navy 8/9 back to school uniforms- Total $103.45, Paid $55, received a $20 Old Navy Super Cash

Target 8/9- School Supplies and belts (Found on clearance from $16 to $2.38)

total $203.98, paid $58.44 received (2) $5 Target Gift Cards

Walgreens 8/9

Total value $81.38, OOP $2.38

Picked up school supplies- *as pictured

This was a Money Maker Deal on the Ocean Blue Omega- they were $20.99 w/ the a $15 mf coupon and a $10 Wags IVC coupon.

Walmart 8/21

Expo Markers- $2.97

Ink Joy Pens- .99 cents

Papermate pens- .49 cents

Used $1.25 coupons for Expo, $1/1 for Inkjoy and .50 cents/1 for the other papermate pens.

Total cost $96.37, OOP FREE plus received $2.88 for overage

Staples- 8/21

Sharpies on sale for $2.00

Use a store $1/1 coupon and a mf $1/1 coupon

Final cost FREE just paid tax of .90 cents.

Total retail $45.00

Target 8/22

2 BIC packs of Pens- FREE

Used $1/2 mf coupon and stacked w/ $1/2 Target coupon

MEAD Folder- Buy 4, Get 1 FREE- .79 cents

Used (4) $1/2 coupons


So when you add everything up ALL together- I have spent $758.35 for the month of August. I usually spend more in August and September. 1- due to back to school deals and sales. 2- buying up summer clothes and clearance deals for next year.

My total price for everything before coupons, discounts, clearance etc- $2566.17. I saved $1768.82. That’s a savings of 70%. Not too shabby considering I had a lot to buy this month! And it’s only the 22nd. But I’m about done. I have a few more stock up deals to grab.


I do budget for $300 per month. Well, that’s been my budget for the longest. However with our eating habits changing and I’m moving more and more towards buying more natural ingredients, fresh ingredients my grocery bill is going to fluctuate for a while. However I have a goal to keep it around $350 or so.

The rule of thumb is- for every person in your house add $100- so with 5 people (does the dog- Goku count?) it would be about $500. So if I can keep that around $350-$400 that would be great!!

You can see my visual of my monthly savings and how it’s broken down on the Savings Tracker HERE

Anyways, how have you done lately? Do you keep track of your receipts? You can check out the Savings Tracker I used posted HERE.  It’s definitely important when it comes to saving money.  I mean you have to know how much you’re saving and how much is going on. When I’m on top of my game, I do this once per week. When I do it that way I know how much I have left over to spend for the month. As you can see, I just did about a month’s worth of receipts. If I would have stayed on track of doing this every week, I could have tightened that amount and paid less out of pocket.

We all make mistakes, but repeating this mistake numerous times will cost me more in the end. So a little reality check for Tat!

I would love to hear how your spending has been lately and what type of deals and savings you scored! Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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