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Here’s a few tips to help you become a savvy shopper at Walmart:

Best Shopping Tips for Wal-Mart
For just a moment forget about the long lines and two registers open at Wal-Mart because there is some money to be saved here. Let’s get down to saving business:
Price Matching
This is a biggie at Wal-Mart. They price match all local stores, so make sure you get in on this action. You need to have the ad with you to get the deal. So what is my advice? Make sure you have all current ads with you, organized, and ready to go. You can view all of the store deals and deals to match for Walmart! Plus Walmart Weekly deals for this week!
Shop at the Right Time
Like I mentioned before, Wal-Mart can be a madhouse. If you plan on doing a grand coupon shopping trip I would skip busy Friday afternoons. Each Wal-Mart is different. Some of you have normal and less chaotic experiences. The rest of you aren’t so lucky.
Take Your Manners with You
For the hundreds of shopping trips I’ve been on with coupons if one thing rings a bell it is to always be nice. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If you are having an issue with the cashier accepting your coupons, then make sure you ask for a manager or for a little extra help.
Bring a Helper
Choose your helper wisely. Some coupon shoppers do great with bringing their kids, others it just stresses them out. If you want, bring one helper with you. It is a big challenge to bring all of your kids with you on a Wal-Mart coupon shopping trip, but if anyone can do it—it’s you!
Don’t Forget the Coupons
Wal-Mart allows you to use manufacturer coupons with price matching. So there is a real opportunity to save some money here. Grab all the coupons they accept and price match away!
Do you have any tips to share for a Wal-Mart shopping trip?