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Best Shopping Tips for Target

Target is known to be a woman’s best friend. There are great prices, but with coupons and the right shopping technique, you can get even better prices. Are you ready to save more at Target? Follow these savvy shopping tips:

Check Out the Clearance

Target is well known for their clearance section. In the midst of shopping it can be hard to remember to check over by the clearance section, but now is the time to make a mental note. The best times to shop for clearance at Target is after each season, at random, and of course during the toy sales. The more you shop at Target than the more you will recognize the sales pattern at your store. Be sure to read more about how clearance deals at Target work and how to look for them!

Target Debit Card

We’re all about saving money here, right? There is a great way to save money and that’s through the Target Debit Card. Notice that I said debit and not credit? You save 5% off all your purchases at Target. If you’re already going to shop, you might as well save!

Buy It or Lose It

If there is one thing I’ve learned from shopping at Target is that if you want it, you should buy it. Not everything will be there if you try to come back later to purchase it. Items that are discounted will disappear because they are heavily marked down. If you decide you don’t need an item, then you can always bring it back. P.S.—always keep you receipt after a shopping trip to target.


Target is a great place to coupon. Not everyone takes the time to find or use the coupons available from Target, but they are there. Target has a mobile coupon program as well as coupons listed on their website. You can truly save a few bucks by taking the time to clip, plan, and shop at Target.


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