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Welcome to the Kroger section of A Mitten Full Of Savings!

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Shopping Tips

Keep in mind that the Kroger stores in Michigan allow you to double up to .50 cents

  • You can use 3 identical coupons per transaction
  • If you live near Flint, Howell, or Owosso Kroger stores they double up to $1.
  • You cannot stack a digital coupon with a manufacturer coupon

5 Tips To Help You Save at Kroger


There is always something to be learned when shopping at Kroger. If you are serious about saving money and shopping at Kroger, then these tips are for you.

#1. Know That You Should Plan Ahead

Kroger is great for saving money, but you always need a plan. Making this plan before you leave the house will help you have a successful shopping trip at Kroger. Be sure to view our weekly Kroger deals and match-ups before you head to Kroger. You can also create a customized list that will help you plan to score the best deals.

And don’t forget to grab your Kroger Card. Or if you didn’t sign up for a card, don’t forget to enter your phone number at the register.

#2. Know Your Coupons

Since some extreme couponing shows have come out, it is important to note that a lot of companies have changed their couponing policies. Kroger is one of the places that still accepts the following coupons:

  1. printable coupons (be sure to read your store’s policy. Some stores limit how many printables you can use per transaction)
  2. newspaper coupons (from the manufacturer)
  3. and even eCoupons or Digital coupons *note you cannot stack digital coupons and manufacturer coupons
  4. Store Coupons (usually comes in the mail, associated with your Kroger card. They send you store coupons based on your usage at Kroger)

Know which coupons are accepted by your particular Kroger. Go in and talk to a manager and ask for a coupon policy before you even begin shopping if you are unsure. You can print a copy of the coupon policy here.

#3. Know the Deals

There are specific deals that are part of the Kroger rotation.. You should familiarize yourself with these deals so t and what they mean. For example: if you are shopping the 10/$10 sale, you don’t have to buy 10 of the same items in order to get the same. You don’t even need to buy ten items. If you just buy one, you will still get the same great deal. Another example: on MEGA sale weeks you may have to buy 10 items to get $5 off instantly and so on.

#4. Know About the Kroger Card

Maybe you don’t shop at Kroger all the time. Maybe you only shop at Kroger for the hot deals. No one can emphasize this enough, don’t forget your card. Not having your card at Kroger is like forgetting your jacket in the middle of winter. It won’t look good for you. So no matter how you do it, make sure you get that card with you to Kroger. You got to get those great deals! Kroger recently updated this process where you don’t have to have a physical card, but can enter your phone number at the register. So for all the people that always forget their cards at home (I do this a lot), this feature is for YOU J

#5. Know About the Digital and Printable Coupon Policy

Kroger has more rules than you can imagine when it comes to coupons. That’s why you have to be prepared on your end. Did you know in order to participate in the digital coupon extravaganza; you need to have an account online? Do yourself a favor and just make sure you know about both coupon policies. Also head over and create an account that is linked to your Kroger card. You can clip coupons that will go directly to your Kroger card. Keep in mind that when you use digital coupons they do not double. You can also clip coupons from and Savings and those will load right to your card for additional savings!

Here are the 5 best tips that I can think of to make your shopping at Kroger completely worth it.