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Welcome to the Aldi Section of A Mitten Full Of Savings!

Here you can find:

  • Aldi does not have a coupon policy because they do not take coupons
  • Savvy tips to help you get the most out of shopping at Aldi!
  • Latest store deals and matchups for Aldi!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to help you become a successful Aldi’s shopper!

  1. Bring .25 cents with you for the cart. This is one way they can keep cost lower by not having to bring carts back in. You will get the .25 cents back when you return the card!
  2. BYOB- No, this does not mean Bring your own beer ;) – It means bring your own bags or you can purchase bags at the check out. If you don’t bring your own bags and you don’t want to buy their bags, you will have to load the items in your car individually (which could take a minute and sounds like a pain) 
  3. Aldi’s only accepts cash, debit and ebt card. No CREDIT CARDS!!
  4. Sign up for their weekly emails! Rumor has it that they send out store coupons this way!
  5. Aldi’s does not accept coupons

These deals are based off a Lansing/Jackson Ad! They have great produce deals, plus some frugal savings on putting together a living space in a college dorm!

see full matchups here

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