Sears Vacation- Put Your Vacation on Layaway! <- What?

shop your way, vacation

shop your way, vacation

Sears Vacation- Put Your Vacation on Layaway! <- What?

Well… this is a first! (after doing some digging this program has been a while for.. I’m just now finding out about it! lol)

You can actually put your next vacation on layaway with Sears.

This would be ideal for those that need help with budgeting or want a more effective way to save for a vacation.

PLUS Shop Your Way Members get an additional $400 bonus!

You know when you think about it… this may not be such a bad idea. It’s like you’re saving the money each month in your bank account for your trip– but if you’re scared that you may be tempted to spend the money– then treat your vacation fund like a bill– something that HAS to be paid every month:

  • In order to get the $400 bonus you must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member, so you can sign up here
  • then go check out the Vacations that Sears have to offer and put yours on layaway today. (if you’re not to put it on layaway, at least have a look to see if it’s something you can do within your budget!)

So here’s a few vacation exclusive deals you can check out (plus don’t forget that shop your way rewards members get an additional $100 bonus (everyone gets else the $300 )when you sign up). That offer expires w/in the next 7 days, so head over and sign up today.

vacation on layaway

Also don’t forget that Sears and Kmart also offer a  Kmart Lease & Go Program with no credit check that you can take advantage of! Wow lots of great things happening at Sears & Kmart!

A little more about the Sears Vacation Plan:

  • Unlike layaway, however, there are no upfront additional fees for choosing this option, nor is there interest to pay. Moreover, there are no booking fees for cruises, resorts, escorted tours, and hotels.
  • Should an advertised price be found elsewhere for less, Sears Vacations will match it up to 90 days before departure. But the same pesky price matching rules apply that trip up shoppers at electronics and discount stores: it must be identical in terms of dates of travel and destination, which is a difficult apples-to-apples comparison under any circumstance.
  • Shop Your Way points can be used as payment toward travel as well. (thanks Deal News)

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  1. March 3, 2014

    I’m so glad I found this post! I was literally getting ready to book our resort at Ocean City. I’ll have to see what they have to offer. I had no idea Sears had a vacation layaway . Maybe they have something even better in our budget.

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