Must Read: Target Toy Clearance- 70% off!!

The past couple of years the big toy markdown has happened  at Target the last Thursday in July, and things are shaping up to look like the same thing will happen this year. I did a walk through of two Target stores tonight and saw a lot of stuff marked between 30-50%. I’ve been hearing that Target has major Toy mark down in January and July. And if you follow their clearance mark down schedule- between Wednesday- Thursday Toys will be marked down.

I plan to get to Target first thing in the morning and will post an update on Facebook. From what I’ve gathered from a Target Employee, they go in around 4 am to do the mark downs. I asked an employee tonight, but he didn’t know what I was talking about. So…. we’ll see!

Here is more info about the Great Target Toy Sale in July!

Target will reset the toy department in January and July.  When they do this, they clear out a good portion of the toys to make way for new ones.

Twice a year each department will get “reset”.  This means that they will bring in a ton of new merchandise for the next season.  So, the toy department will get reset in January, to make way for the upcoming spring and summer toys.  The toys also get reset in July to get ready for the holiday seasons toys.

The markdown for the toys and other departments are different than the holiday clearance that can be marked down via a computer. When the toys get marked down each individual item will need to be scanned with a pricing gun before the new price will take effect.  If you are interested in two identical items, only one of them will need to be scanned with the gun, once one of the items is entered, the discounted price is good on all identical items.

They have one day where they mark the majority of the clearance toys down to 70% off, so they can clear them out quickly. Last year the markdown happened on July 28th and 29th, so that will give us a general idea of when the markdown will take place this year.

This is the PERFECT time to STOCK up on Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, and Gifts for Charity!

Even if you don’t have children of your own, but have nieces, nephews, younger siblings, god children, etc… this is the perfect time to score REALLY good toys for cheap!!

Thanks Totally Target!

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