Memories of Prom and the Ritual of buying a Dress

Memories of Prom and the Ritual of buying a Dress

I remember when I was in a freshman and sophomore in High school, I wanted to be an upperclassman so bad because they got to go to the prom. Some of my friends were lucky enough to have boyfriends who were upperclassman so they had the golden ticket to getting in. I was so jealous of them.

For many girls in high school, it is an exciting time to go, mostly for the ritual of dressing up like a movie star for one night and dancing the night away. I managed to go to prom my junior year of high school and my senior year, so I feel pretty lucky, even if both my dates were not boyfriends at the time.

The first year I went, I searched high and low for a perfect dress. It was bought at a department store and my Dad payed way more than he should have. When I was going to school, the internet was kind of a newer thing and there were not nearly as many places you could buy things at reasonable prices or have as much of a selection as teens do now.

Now with places like JenJenHouse , a girl has a great selection for her night as royalty, and can find the perfect dress without breaking the bank.

I like the selections that are more classic. This one is similar to one that I worse my junior year with the cut and the tulle. The bright blue would really stand out. If I was a teenager again, waiting for my big night, this is one I would totally choose.


Part of the ritual of going to prom for most girls is the getting dressed up for it. For me, it was one of the only times I went and got my nails professionally done. I loved looking at all the accessories you could wear with your dress such as tiaras and jewelry. I would have loved something like this to go in my hair:


Looking over the web for what prom dresses are these days, things have really changed. The funny thing is, some of these prom dresses are very similar to what I would have worn in many cases. I love to see the fashions I wore come back into style. Well, some of them. Others, they can stay back in the 90’s where they belong.

I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for prom. It’s really not that far off! Time really does fly, doesn’t it?

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