Kmart & Sears Lease & Go Program; No Credit Check Required

kmart lease to own program

Kmart & Sears Lease & Go Program; No Credit Check Required

Have you heard about Kmart & Sears Lease & Go program yet?

If you haven’t heard about it, let me be the first to tell you about some of the awesome things Kmart  & Sears are doing.

I’m sure you’re aware or vaguely familiar with places like a Rent A Center and Aarons.

Kmart & Sears has a similar program. But here’s the difference:

  • You get DEALS. You can buy the item through the lease and go program and get the SAME benefits of it being on sale, using coupons, etc.
  • You can earn points on that item as a Shop Your Way Member.
  • You’re buying NEW items, the LATEST products at a far better price than what you would get from Aarons, Rent A Center or any of those buy here pay here places.
  • No CREDIT CHECK is required!


Personally, I would rather pay cash for an item and/or save up the money until I can afford to pay cash for it. However, I am sharing this information with you in case someone is interested.

The terms of the program are for a minimum of 5 months and the amount you will qualify for varies up to $1,000.00 (depending on the income and purchase, this amount may be higher).

In order to take advantage of the Lease & Go Program, you do need to be a Shop Your Way Rewards member!
If not, you can sign up HERE to become a Shop Your Way Rewards member (which in itself has awesome perks, including membership only pricing, access to early sales, member only coupons and more)
Also once you sign up for the Shop Your Way Rewards membership (Which is free), go back and link up to my Personal Shopper Program (which is another free program of Kmart and Sears where you can get free shipping, access to MORE exclusive coupons that only a Personal Shopper can send you and recommendations plus first hand news (such as this) for members only!)

Here’s information you need to qualify:

  • Meet the minimum income requirements
  • Over the age of 18 and have a valid ID
  • Valid Social Security Number
  • Make the first payment in the store when purchasing your item
  • Be a Shop Your Way Rewards Member<
  • Set up ongoing payments to come out of your banking account or debit card (can be bi-monthly or monthly)

Items included in the Kmart & Sears Lease & Go program:

  • Home Electronics & Entertainment
  • Appliances
  • Household Goods & Furniture
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Sporting Goods
  • Outdoor Living
  • Accessories, Smart Plans and Delivery Fees

If you need more information on how to apply for the Kmart Lease & Go Program, go HERE.

Need more information? You can head over to Sear’s website to learn more about the Lease it program and Kmart’s website to learn more about their Lease & Go program!

So start here by signing up for a FREE Shop Your Way membership, then linking it to my Personal Shopper Program to get the best deals and news from Kmart and Sears!

 Kmart & Sears Lease & Go Program; No Credit Check Required

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  1. cindy mcclure says:

    I had ALL the requirements and was turned down..Guess you dont want my money..Very disappointed for the FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!

    • Did they give you a reason why Cindy? I’m sorry to hear that. From what I’ve gathered from this program and trying it myself it seemed pretty easy and flawless.

      • bobby harris says:

        the reason she got turned down is because of income is not sufficiently enough she or he has to have a job and must make at least over $1,000 a month if you do not make at least a $1,000 a month on a job they will turn down all those who don’t make that much they do not accept Social security or low income as they do not make $1,000 a month they are far less than that social security income is from $400 to no more then maximum $800 month that’s not enough to lease anything Aarons and rent a center will accept that kmart and sears does not must be employed and have a job for that lease and go program…….

        • I make more then that and was still turned down

          • Are you on ANY form of government assistance program? If you are that is why you were turned down. Also, people who are getting any kind of handout or assistance of any sort at all should absolutely be turned down. Why should my tax dollars go to assist someone who is supposedly needs the help but then goes out to rent to own a new giant tv, surround sound stereo, computer or other unneccessary entertainment device.

          • Me too . I make750 week and was turned down

          • I’m sorry to hear that. Did they give you a reason why?

        • I will tell you something….to the peice of crap saying his tax dollars pay for someone elses leasing is bogus!!!! PEople use that when they are having hard times. My twins are on disability which has one parent working the other at home so I also get 140 in food stamps is ALL i get and I WILL USE IT IF I CAN because now days kids are being taught by people like you who think if you dont have money you dont deserve anything and thats a crock of B S if I have ever seen one!

          • Well put AManda! I am glad I read your response before writing my own, as I worry I may have written something rude. jdp stated, “People who are getting…any assistance of any sort at all should absolutely be turned down.” That kind of statement sickens me. I’m sorry to hear that your twins are disabled. I’m sure your children are beautiful & awesome & you love everything about them. My heart goes out to you for your struggles; worry, uncertainty, financial hardship. AND for having to deal with hurtful & ridiculous remarks from self entitled people who lack empathy. Your children don’t deserve their disability. That does not mean they don’t deserve a computer, furniture, or a surround sound! Hopefully, people will educate themselves & stop making such asinine remarks. Hope you & your family are able to fill your home with what you need & want.

          • Amen Sarah and Amanda, well said ….. we have also used it and my husband is on disabilty and not because he is lazy or we are looking for handouts. He had a massive heart attack. has stage 4 kidney desease and has been unable to work for past 6 yrs so Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It is because he worked so hard for many years that he brings home much more than this ignorant person thinks he should make. I think that if your not sure what your talking about you should keep your mouth shut 🙂 but I will say that you do need to be careful and pay it off before the payments that they show you on contract because they did not tell us or show it on contract you will be leasing it after you make the payments that they show you

          • I agree I’m on disability and ever dime they pay me I worked for they took it out of my check every week the whole time I worked and now that I can’t work they pay me back in payments I go to rent a center big lots and aarons and I sit at home some me a big joint and then go get food to eat with my food stamps because I have the mouches

        • Before you quote, you should be sure your info is correct. Social Security benefits are different depending on highest salary for a specific time frame. Most SS payments will be over $400 & can be well over $1300. So please be an informative poster before accidentally posting inaccurate info.

          • I am so glad you responded in regards to the SSI amount. My grandmother who is 77 gets a little over 1800 in SSI so again talk what you know. Not to mention benefits vary from state to state as well as the requirements.

        • Yes they do accept social security. I have 3 different account with them & I receive SSI

      • Stacey h says:

        I did the application lastnight an got pre-approve was pretty easy…..

      • ive tried several times and denied every time and i make $17.16 hr and been on my job over 2 yrs . So lets be real about what they are basing their decisions off of.

    • bobby harris says:

      hi you have to make $1,000 a month or more if you are not working or on low income then you do not qualify for the program because they don’t care what Aarons or rent a center does they will accept anyone but kmart does not and neither does sears all people must be working and must make at least over $1,000 a month to qualify for that. I got turned down too because to survivors benefits from my family who passed away and got that they don’t accept it. must be high paying working people who make a lot of money. they are very bad people with kmart and sears I don’t shop there much anymore because of that false advertisments and tattle tales…

      • Hi Bobby Harris- wow– thanks for sharing your information. I haven’t had that experience with the program when I tested it out, but I want to both hear what everyone has to say about this program. So thank you for sharing your experience!~

      • funny I make close to 5000 a month and was turned down because they couldn’t verifiy it…………never even asked me for it……

        • I’m sorry to hear that. It seems that everyone’s experience varies. I wonder if it’s the store/location?

        • Hi hill,
          Do you work under the table? Are you getting assitancd from the gov or the state in even the smallest form?

          • This is way late but I wanted to know. So me being a Army Veteran, because the government pays me because I got hurt means I don’t deserve to be approved?

          • Yolanda Bishop says:

            Stfu dude! It shouldn’t matter where someone gets there primary income from. Please, YOUR tax dollars? You don’t only pay for other people’s assistance! You pay for your own health care, education, natural resources for your dumb ass to have clean water to drink, law enforcement to protect your sorry ass from getting your ass beat for making stupid ass stereotypical comments, science, like NASA, natural disasters and veterans who have protected this country (YOUR SORRY ASS) and who have fought and died in combat with honor! You should be paying an arm and a leg for us veterans! We do not get paid enough! On top of that, I wish your ass would be taxed for living on my land! Being that I am NATIVE AMERICAN! So, educate yourself before you assume that you’re spending your tax dollars on other people and not yourself. And your tax dollars alone are not enough for one person or one program, you’re just adding on cents. Therefore, stfu, learn and attempt to educate yourself.

      • well bobby harris I’m confussed ive applied 3 times now work full time,not getting any assistance from the states,not in bankruptcy, make well over $1000 in take home money..and can not get approved..i called and asked someone why do I keep getting denied and no one can tell me what now

    • I also was turned down. It does check your credit unlike Rent to Own or Aarons that don’t.

    • Anthony says:

      IF you have had a nsf fee in the past 30 days you will never turned down. OR if your income is not hight enough.

    • Kmart and Big Lots have a dirty little secret.. Leak provided by store insiders (anonymous).

      The Lease program for these kinds of stores is no-credit check, absolutely none! The only thing that matters is that you have a stable income and it doesn’t matter how much you make. So you were denied….. I’ll tell you why. There’s an On/Off period. It’s is completely random. Qualifying individuals will be denied because they applied in the off period. Reapply again at a later date, you will be approved guaranteed. They do this because they don’t want a whole boatload of people to simply lease and then the company loses out if people make off and run with the merchandise. This coming straight from corporate.

    • I tryed they turn me down so apparently it’s some sort of Credit check I met the requirements I need your fridge it was an emergency I didn’t want to have to get a credit check to get a fridge So I figured I’d release and paid off quick But was still turn down

  2. Need to known why were approve credit i got i cannot use it now

  3. Umm, you see the prices for the tv`s for the lease and go? 2 grand for a 50 in plasma? I bought a 60 in led over a year ago for under a grand. prices are JUST like rent a center.

  4. bobby harris says:

    i would like to let anyone know that that when I went to kmart I tried to get one on lease and go and I got turned down because I found out that kmart and sears lied about their program its not possible they say no credit required and found out they do need credit approval from credit bureau’s they are just trying to lure people into their store to try to apply for it. and they say no credit required well again they lied,,,.. they do check your credit and then they said sorry denied they are under Equifax they are taking over buisnesses now in the US and Equifax is starting to cause americans problems, and they are sneaking up on all buisnesses and even car lots to stop people from buying anything they are becoming dictators in the business fields and kmart will not tell you nothing they will creep up on you to check your credit on the computer system set up for that and process it on there it goes to the credit bureau for their feedback and their decision on credit they will do anything for Equifax to get your information and deny you in every way they can. and they only want wealthy people who make a lot of money. that’s it. that’s all they want. so please be on alert about this signs that say lease & go no credit reuired its all lies my friend ALL LIES I found out the hard way and found out about them please do not fall for this trap… just don’t do it cause you will only get denied

    • Dude stfu we get the point you dont like poor people…smfh

      • Who is this guy? I’d like to run into him one day. Unbelievable. So, punk jdp, I’m a disabled veteran. Guess I’m mooching off the system? I also make 4k a month. And I was turned down. Guess I’m in the wrong? If No Credit Check is advertised, why do they need my social security number? Why was I turned down because they couldn’t verify the info, without asking me to verify? You’ve got all the answers, ya little puke. Answer those.

        • Hahaha

        • If you make 4k a month can’t you just go buy something?
          if you are a disabled vet thank you for your services as my dad is also.
          But I also know that if you make 4k a month that disqualifies you from ssi or social security(I would be careful who you tell).
          If you get 4k from ether of those let me know how so I can for him he gets $1,600.
          As far as wanting your social security number you are trying to buy from them why would they not want it? If you don’t pay they have to have a way to come after you and that’s how they identify you and cover there self all common practice. Not trying to be a ass just trying to shed some light.

      • LOL. Right!!!

    • Edward Brady says:

      Its absoulutly true what you say, I make almost 3,000 a month and got turned down.

      • Same with me I did not want a hit on my credit I just bought a house Verner jury got another credit card I didn’t want another credit it so I do the no credit thing check thing And I bet they hit my credit and I didn’t approve that

    • This is not true my credit sucks I was approved for 1500

  5. I went in today and was there for over 2 hours and my debit card wouldnt READ the second time around … i call the place and all they told me was to use another card.. SERIOUSLY!!!!! KMART and this lease to own was HORRIBLE

  6. i dont understand why I didn’t get approved either. met the income requirement, bank account info and I am a legal US citizen with a valid SS card and number. This is false advertisement. My husband brings home 1000.00 a week and he didn’t get approved either…a bunch of BULLSHIT!

    • Stacey- thanks for your feedback. Wow– that is nuts. I will definitely pass the information along to Kmart reps as well. This is very frustrating because this is the information they have given out regarding this program.

    • Yep…did me same ….had the t.v. In the cart then was turn down… They couldn’t tell me while ….its bad business,,,,… Boycott this messs,

    • Hmmm – Its not bullshit – I got approved.

      • OMG!! Shut the **** up JDP and get off your government assistance kick!! They re not even talking about how they have assistance and u keep talking about it!!! Urgh, annoying and ignorant!!

      • Im with Trish….JDP…what the F*ck is your problem. My Fiance and I were both denied. My fiance doesnt even have bad credit, makes twice the income requirement, and we have ZERO damned assistance, no food stamps, no welfare, no child support, not even section 8. we pay our outrageous taxes just like every other person who does. yet…still denied. Im really starting to doubt everything when it comes to big business…cause my roommate was approved…. works same job my fiance does, makes same amount she does… been working there same length of time…. and as far as I know, her credit is shit…but roommate got approved….what the actual f*uck…..

      • JDP you really should stop! You sound like a very angry man! you have no proof or facts what so ever why any of these people were denied. this is a site for comments on the leasing program through Kmart not bashing people on government assistance. You have no idea what someones story is or the struggles OR what has landed them on Assistance to begin with. As with anything there are people that have and will abuse the system but you cant say ALL do or thats the reason they have been denied. You sound so ignorant and resentful. ALOT of people pay taxes so please stop like you are paying all of the assistance. worry about yourself and why you have to be so mean and i am sure that will take enough time up that you dont have to worry about anyone else. Leave this site to what its for. I will be more than happy to send you a link to a government website where you can complain and leave these types of comments A leasing for Kmart site probably isnt the best place.

      • So you are just scraping by and instead of buying extra food or clothes for the kids, you decide to buy some tv? Aren’t you dad of the year. And trust me, your “laborer” taxes aren’t paying for anything. However, my blood, sweat, and tears are. Instead of whining about everyone else why don’t you be a solution instead of a loud mouth keyboard warrior?

      • so i get assistance and was approved i have pretty good credit though i always pay my things on time just saying dont think it has anything to do with getting gov. help although mr. angry jdp seems to think so also i only make not including my assist about 1,000 a month so i dont that’s what it is but i think some people here just want to have a reason to be mean. Isnt that true Jdp? lol everybody who is getting mad at his ignorance just move on its a waste of time be happy because people with that mentality can’t be helped! <3

  7. what a scam it should be for low income family thya get you in the stores and pull this that why alot of kmart are gone

  8. I had the same experience. I met all the rrequirements and was turned down. Don’t understand. Very false advertising!!!! And the worst part is they don’t even tell you WHY!!!

    • Bummer! I am sorry to hear that! That has to be very frustrating!!

      • I think there is someone on here commenting that shouldnt be allowed. If i am correct this is to leave feedback on the leasing program at Kmart not bashing people on government assistance. I think if someone is not going to leave it the subject at hand then they sholdnt be able to comment. To allow that post above JD is sad and i was thrilled to see this site at first and reading the feedback but that man is awful and i have no desire to continue reading anything else if those comments are going to be allowed. Its poor taste. Actually speechless at his last comment.

  9. Be thankful you did not get approved for a grill cost 379 we would of ended up paying 600.00 serious rip off. We chose not to do it and bought a better grill in the clearance room for half the price keep shopping two sales associates actually told us not to do it that it was a serious rip off

  10. Jess and Katie..cut the bs and stop lying. I just got approved and I’m in the process of bankruptcy. Then again I make over 3000 a month. I have still In the boxes…51 inch plasma flat screened tv on sale for $450. It’s Samsung too..Also Samsung wireless surround sound system for $149 and blue ray system.

    • lol….that comment was hilarious. Do you work for Kmart? Everyone on here is saying the same thing…that the program is a rip-off and you’re not? Sounds funny to me. Even before the lease and go program Kmart and Sears were way overpriced. The funny thing is how people would think that they are even capable of extending any kind of deal to anyone. Why do you think so many of their stores are going out of business? The only good thing about Kmart and Sears is that they have the only layaway program in town, but even that is not that great.

      • No, I don’t work for Kmart. I am a Personal shopper, but all opinions and what I promote here on the blog are my own. I have found great deals in both stores, but you have to dig for them. Their double coupon deals are usually a great time to shop and I find great deals online all the time. I shop more online vs the store since my store is on the other side of town.

  11. I got approved and my husband didnt. He makes more than I do, and were in the middle of bankruptcy.

  12. jessica bell says:

    Just got Denied for no reason. I am a nurse that brings home $5500 a month and just purchased my first home and in need of some appliances,the program is a JOKE just like Sears and KMART.

    • Probably because you make too much. You make enough to buy the merchandise upfront without much issue.

  13. I got the same denial after it said I was approved, gave me a dollar amount then when I tried to finish the transaction, then I was denied. Called the number and no one would tell me why. In fact the second time I called to ask for a supervisor, they hung up on me.

  14. I was approved. what they explained to me was something very different from whats going on.. I should have paid off my washer in march and they are still charging me they say its that i need to opt out. I explained I did. They have no record of that final payment sooo now Im paying 4 x the price for the dam washer. When I inquired about it I got no straight answers or solutions and three months later I am still trying to get the RE- opt out done……Love Kamrt Love SEARS but this is completely wrong to do this to alll of us……

  15. whatever you do… do NOT do the why not lease it program at KMART! EVER!! I bought 2 things last christmas a GPS and a karaoke machine which were about $200 I have now spent $435 on this crap. and the KARAOKE machine didnt even WORK!!!.

    What they tell you is that the program is like lay away and you buy something and pay it off with payments. I was done with my payments and they kept charging my account every 2 weeks. I finally got ahold of them and they let me know that i can buy the products now. I was only LEASING THEM. so all that money wasted!

    They have terrible customer service as well!

  16. I guess everyone is having the same issue with approval. I was approve at sears and went to purchased a dryer and after I did everything they told me I was not approved even when I had the approval code. I think it is wrong for that false advertisement especially when it’s no credit check. I met all requirements and they still turned me down after I was given the approval code.

  17. Need to tell people why they are denied

  18. Do you all not read? What is a lease? Its a rental, with the option to buy it. However while leasing it, thats exactly what you are doing, LEASING IT. If you want to buy it, you have to let them know, otherwise they will just continue to lease it to you because YOU leased it. If you are denied, there is a reason. You obviously DIDN’T meet the requirements or you wouldn’t have been. Im just saying, maybe you should READ what you are SIGNING before you SIGN it. You wanna know how much you are paying for something, ASK. If they don’t tell you, DON’T DO IT. No one forced you all to do this. You’re all grownups, take some responsibility for yourselves and quit blaming everything on other people.


    • Jessica you are so on the point right now. Thanks for making sense!! A lease IS totaly different that rent to own or layaway.

  19. This program sucks!!! I didn’t get approved, but the worst part is, they didn’t say why. No credit check is a lie and they can’t say the denial is based on income when you are not given the option to verify income. I think they are check credit, may be doing some sort of soft hit that doesn’t show up. I meet all the “listed requirements”, but I guess there are a few hidden ones we don’t know about.

  20. I was approved but confused about what u can get

    • Elaine– electronics, small household appliances. They should have a list of all the items you can get on this program at the store.

      • Maybe it is the website. I went in store and was approved within minutes.
        The only problem we had is the sales agent didn’t know you could use the sears card to make a payment. I had to point it out.

  21. vickie thomas says:

    I applied a few days ago only because a friend had told me about, and because I was hearing so many bad reviews of people getting turned down and met all the requirements that Kmart asked for; I was approved only by what I told the clerk my income was. She never asked for verification of income, but she asked for social. I do believe that they had to verify credit and some background because she didn’t need me to verify income. I didn’t use the program, I have up to ten days to do so. But I doubt if I would. Reading on line I see you have 5 months to lease items or pay them off, or you can extend an extra 18 months. My question then will you be starting all over with payments of the original price of items you purchased. Sounds as if you’ll be paying for items twice if the money you put in for 5 months won’t carry over to the 18 months that you extend. Sounds like strictly leasing and you’ll never own it unless you pay more than the actual price of the item. It appears to be no different than Aaron rent to own or rental center. Their prices may be higher than Kmart but if they say you own it in 18 months after paying all of your payments on schedule, they are being truthful. With Kmart as I read it after 5months you can extend but the money you put into doesn’t carry over. Therefore their prices are as jacked up as rental centers

  22. do what i am doing i have a lawyer what they are doing is illegal! false adver., credit check without concent,and it is ilegal for any company and or buisness to include banks to willingly not give you a reason in writeing to why they have turned down a loan,lease,and or financial agreement!!!

  23. CAN YOU USE YOUR CREDIT LIMIT TO BUY LIKE A BED ONLINE AT kmart since they dont carry beds in the stores, are is it store only?

  24. I was about to do this till I saw all the negative post. I like shopping at kmart & sears by I will sane the headache.

  25. I got approved no hassle no problem Some people claimed they make over 5,000 a month and didn’t get approved my question is why don’t you buy what ever you want to buy cash it seems like you make enough

  26. Tashalea Clark says:

    I don’t understand this…my wife and I were approved and we have nothing but great things to say about K-Mart. We have gotten a smart TV (at a very low price) and a new Toshiba laptop through this program and are very pleased!!!!!!

  27. Lovecoco says:

    The key to this program is to pay off within the first 3 months. You have to call them and let them know you want to pay by that 3rd month. The date will be on your contract. If you go past that date you are locked in to the 5th month and then after that you still have option to buy. Interest by 3rd month is only 10%, past that it is not worth it.

  28. If its a Lease and go program, why can’t you buy what you what out of the store. Just Aaron rental center, you can buy jewelry and basically anything that they have in the store. I think that Kmart is full Sugar, Honey and Tea.

  29. jessica says:

    I met all the requirements and didn’t get approved. Total bs.

    • I would talk to their customer service or manager about why you didn’t get approved.

      • Kmart Employee says:

        No need to call customer service because they will tell you the same thing the denial letter says…. They dont have a reason for the denial…. I work for Kmart and was denied not once but 3 times…. The first time was told couldnt verify my info and the last two times it tells you to go to which the site tells you nothing. I meet all requirements because I not only work there but also have another job…. It really is false advertisement and I told the customer service rep the same thing as well….

  30. I definitely meet the requirements and got rejected as well. They do indeed run a credit check, and they don’t tell you why they deny you. I have good credit, and make a fairly decent wage, have no govt assistance. This program is completely wrong.

  31. I met all the requirements also, iwork at a hospital make over $2200 a month have a valid checking account and was denied, called the customer service number and it doesn’t give a reason but does say the decision is final, well that was very disappointing to hear, I wanted to surprise my husband with a new gas grill for our anniversary. Shame on you Kmart for a very misleading advertisement

    • I’m sorry to hear that you were not accepted Yvonne. While I don’t work for Kmart (just sharing the information), I will be sure to pass on this information to them.

  32. My husband and I have 3 children. My youngest recently outgrew a hitch chair and I applied for a lease for a kitchen nook that seats 6. It was $199. My husband and I make a combined income of $3200 a month. We DO NOT get any type of government assistance. We are both over 18 and have valid s.s. numbers and D.L’s. We were denied and given no reason. I couldn’t even get a person just a recording. I can only assume the do run credit by your s.s. number. Due to medical bills from my last 2 spinal surgeries my credit has dropped to “fair”. I would live to know why I was denied when I met all requirements. And our income is from verifiable w2 jobs. I guess I’ll just save and buy cash.

  33. For all the people that make 5000 to 10k a month why don’t you buy it outright instead of bitching? Just a thought? Or better yet do what I did an open an actual credit card to buy applicances at the Home Depot. People are ridiculous. They want gold but only provide shit.

  34. I was approved without any problem but am getting SCREWED trying to pay it off.

  35. I had no problems getting approved, I bought a king size mattress with Why not lease it, and i still have 800.00 to spend I plan on going to use the rest for some other things I want.

  36. I was in the Kmart website and clicked up sign up now and it took me to a broken page, did this from my tablet, phone and laptop and all three were the same

  37. I simply want to know a estimated amount of what payments would be on $500 or $1000? Also am I allowed to purchase toys?

    • If anyone knows please let me know asap bc I’m about to go shopping but I don’t want to pay a outrageous payment.

  38. Larry McCoy says:

    DO NOT USE “WHY NOT LEASE IT” !! My son was wanting a laptop for Xmas .The laptop was 400.00 on the shelf. When we went to purchase the laptop the guy in electronics was telling me about the lease program. Made it sound so good..So what I did was pay 200. Down and did the lease on the remaining balance..My pymt was 25.99 bi weekly..52.00 monthly..Keep in mind I paid 10 months worth of pymt totaling 520.00 plus the 200. Down pymt.. 620.00 So far…Why not lease didn’t draft my acct .I thought I was done…NOT ..they sent me a letter stating my acct was over drawn and was adding late fees which was never overdrawn…Just talked to a collection agency and want to settle my acct and ask for 600.00 to settle this they are wanting a total of 1220.00 for a 400.00 ..Completly rediculous and Kmart nerds to stop this lease or atleast train the employees the real truth on how it works…

    • I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with SYW Lease It Program. As I mentioned above, it is not a program for everyone. The feedback is definitely appreciated and will help others in deciding if this program is right for them.

  39. Myself plus my friend and his wife all tried to apply and not to release my income ammount but i am sure i make over the requirement as well as my friends and was turned down and when i called to find out why i was told they dont know why and that i could return and apply in a month but would prob be denied again. So i dont think its a good program if no ome can get accepted.

  40. I was approved but didn’t use it! It appears to me that the customer service clerks are not knowledgeable about the program at all. The only way that it’s beneficial is if you pay it off within the first 3 months otherwise it’s a huge rip-off. You may be better off going to Aaron’s paying it off in 4 month no interest.

  41. if for some reason u get approve the headache behind it all is not worth it my cashier sign me up got approved it took him 3 hours to check me out and the shit is still wrong

  42. If I apply and get accepted it’s going to be in my credit like a loan or credit card?

  43. I’m a pipeliner and I make about $1800 a week… Have been looking at a new mower and was thinking it may be easier to use this and pay it off instead of taking the hit on my credit for having a inquiry thru traditional finance…
    37 years old
    3+ years with same employer
    $1400-1800 a week
    695 credit score if they were to check it
    I was turned down and never received anything telling me why… Just a “sorry we cannot approve your application at this time.
    So I don’t know what kind of system does their checks for them or whatever, but I know it’s B’s… Lol

  44. I get a Va pension and disability from social security from being in two truck accidents, total income from both is 1800 a month and was approved instantly

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