Frugal Reasons To Use Amazon Prime Pantry

Why You Should Be Using Amazon Prime Pantry

We love using Amazon for easy shipments of everything in our home, and these Frugal Reasons To Use Amazon Prime Pantry are perfect ways to save money in your budget.  Amazon is a great place that offers thousands of products you use in your daily life at great prices.  Using Amazon Prime Pantry will save you time and money on regular everyday purchases.

Frugal Reasons To Use Amazon Prime Pantry

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Frugal Reasons To Use Amazon Prime Pantry

Low shipping for large boxes. Amazon Prime Pantry offers large box shipments for only $4.99 flat rate shipping.  When heavier boxes tend to be much more expensive, this low rate is a great option.  No need to worry that the great deal on canned vegetables won’t be worth it because of shipping costs. You can also get free shipping when you buy four items.

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Better pricing on items you use regularly. Items like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, laundry detergent and even granola bars or cereal are at much lower prices on Amazon Prime Pantry than you may find in your local grocery stores.  Create a master price list of your top used items and compare to Amazon Prime Pantry regularly to see who has the best price overall.

No more clipping coupons.  While we love coupons and using them, sometimes your schedule and lifestyle don’t allow you to use them as much as you would like.   For those everyday items you just can’t go without having, Amazon Prime Pantry offers you a great deal that is often as good as the deal you might find using coupons at your local stores. Check out the current coupons here.

Can mix and match food and household supplies.  I love the fact that you can easily mix and match both food and household items in your box.  I can get cleaning supplies, paper towel and granola bars all in one box if I need to.  This is convenient and so much easier than stopping at 3-4 stores on one shopping trip.

Other tips:

  • They also carry themed boxes (you can do back to school boxes, natural cleaning boxes, first food boxes, good morning boxes, the possibilities are endless!!)
  • You can shop for natural and organic items!
  • You can shop from HOME!!

These are some great frugal reasons to use Amazon Prime Pantry regularly to save money while buying all the things your household needs.  From breakfast cereal to shampoo or even body wash you can get amazing deals through this program. Head over now to find out more about the Amazon Prime Pantry program!


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Why You Should Be Using Amazon Prime Pantry Service

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